• PaaS PHP Fog Launches To The Public

    Like a Heroku for PHP, PHP Fog is launching to the public today in order to help PHP developers deploy and scale their applications in the cloud. Raising $1.8 million in a round lead by Madrona and followed on by First Round, Founders Co-Op and others. PHP Fog launched in private beta in December and is now available for all members of the public. Aside from focusing solely on PHP, what PHP… Read More

  • PHP Fog Raises $1.8 Million To Be The Heroku Of PHP

    If you’re a developer you’re probably familiar with Heroku, the startup that was just acquired by Salesforce for $212 million in cash. Heroku helps developers deploy and scale their Ruby applications, effectively allowing them to outsource maintenance and administrative tasks so they can get to coding. Now there’s a new startup called PHP Fog that has a similar mission… Read More