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Please Welcome Peter Ha, Frederic Lardinois And New Co-Editor Alexia Tsotsis

Sure, legends like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle don't play for the Yankees now, but the team hasn't just survived the ups and downs over the years. Hate it or love it, the franchise attracts many of th

Somebody Named Peter Ha Reviews The iPad 2

I don’t know who this hippie is, or who he thinks he is, but he’s got an iPad 2 and wants you to know about it. He’s recorded this video for a publication called “The Daily,&#8

We should celebrate, not hate, the viewing party feature of the Watchmen Blu-ray release

<img src="" />One of Peter Ha's favorite movies of the past few months, <i>Watchmen</i>, comes out on Blu-ray and DVD in late July. May

Video: Peter Ha praises the Palm Pre on G4's Attack of the Show

<img src="" alt="johngreg" /> No, you're not seeing things! That's Peter Ha (and Pop 17's Sarah Austin) on G4's Attack of the Show try

Zazzle pushes out custom kicks

I come here today to present to you the fruition of years of labor. Between research, design, eating snacks, and playing video games, countless man hours were spent on what I am about to unveil. It is

Und Ya He Is Da Tekno Viking, Yah! – Watch more free videos Did you know that Peter Ha spends six hours a day in front of his mirror reciting the lyrics of Aladdin&#8217

Caption This: Howard Stern and Peter Ha

When I look at the big grin on Peter’s face, I think ________________.