Zazzle pushes out custom kicks

I come here today to present to you the fruition of years of labor. Between research, design, eating snacks, and playing video games, countless man hours were spent on what I am about to unveil. It is with much pride that I present to you: The P. Has.

Okay. So it wasn’t really countless man hours. It was more like 15 man minutes. I just grabbed a picture of Peter Ha and stuck it into‘s new custom shoe creation tool. Just like their services for custom posters/t-shirts/etc, you just upload your own images (or if you’re boring, use the pre-supplied stuff), then twist and tweak ’till its just right. Once you’re done, they’ll make it real and ship it out.

The shoes start out at $50 bucks – not too bad, considering that your only other options for truely custom slip-ons would be spray painting some blank ones or being ultra classy and stapling on print outs. The only (and massively disappointing) downside: No mens styles/sizes. They’ve got women and kids covered, but hombres get to go shoeless. It’s too bad, really. I was really looking forward to being the first on my block with a pair of P. Has.