Maju Kuruvilla is out as CEO of one-click checkout company Bolt

Maju Kuruvilla is no longer CEO of one-click checkout company Bolt. He is replaced by Justin Grooms, Bolt’s global head of sales, who is now interim CEO, according to Grooms’ LinkedIn profile. Kur

Nala set out to offer remittance services, it’s building a B2B payment platform too

Payments company Nala pivoted to offer remittance service in 2021, tapping the growing money transfer market in Africa, and demand for reliable and affordable services. Nala founder Benjamin Fernandes

Stripe’s growth continues to impress as total payment volume tops $1 trillion

The company says it was cash flow positive in 2023, and plans to be again in 2024. With $8.7 billion in venture capital it likely means it has little to no need to raise more before it goes public.

PayPal suggests it will be ready to offer ‘offline’ payments when DMA goes into effect

PayPal is working on a new consumer app for its mobile customers, and suggested that it will be “ready” to take advantage of the new EU regulation, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), when it g

Prometeo raises $13M from PayPal, Samsung and more to bring open banking to Latin America

Open banking — where traditional banks can share data, and build new services, by way of APIs that bring their ageing systems into the 21st century — has seen its biggest traction to date

SumUp taps €285M more in growth funding to weather the fintech storm

SumUp — the fintech that provides payments and related services to some 4 million small businesses in Europe, the Americas and Australia — has picked up some growth funding to navigate the

X is now licensed for payment processing in a dozen US states

Elon Musk is moving forward with his plans to turn the company formerly known as Twitter, now called X, into an “everything app” that includes its own payments system. The company in late

NomuPay, formed out of Wirecard’s ashes, acquires Total Processing for tooling and customer service

NomuPay — the payments startup that was formed out of some of the healthier pieces of the dramatically failed fintech Wirecard — has made an acquisition as it continues on its trajectory o

Affirm’s head of product discusses its new approach to buy now, pay later

Affirm's head of product Vishal Kapoor discusses buy now, play later in a debit card, and how that’s setting Affirm apart from competitors.

Crezco aims to make integrating bill payments easier

Integrating with a payment API is something most — if not all — business-to-consumer platforms are forced to do at some point. It’s practically unavoidable if they wish to take credi

Volante raises $66M for payments tech for banks and other legacy financial businesses

“Digital transformation” among enterprises hasn’t happened with quite the gusto that people predicted it would a few years ago. But today, a startup building fintech technology &#821

Triple-A gets funding from Peak XV to help more businesses use crypto

Created by the founder of Thunes, global digital currency payments institution Triple-A wants to close the gap between traditional finance and blockchain-based payments with its white-label solutions

Plaid taps former Expedia exec as its new chief financial officer, says ‘no timeline’ for IPO

Fintech startup Plaid has hired former Expedia CFO Eric Hart to serve as its first chief financial officer. When asked if the move meant that the company was planning to go public, a spokesperson told

Account Labs raises $7.7M as FTX’s demise leads to crypto self-custody growth

The collapse of the FTX empire didn’t just set in motion a crypto market downturn. The unraveling of FTX’s misuse of customer funds also exposed the risks of using crypto wallets controlle

SumUp’s valuation falls as low as $4.1B, as Groupon and others sell off their stakes

Adyen lost $13 billion in market cap last month when investors scrambled to sell shares after the payments company missed quarterly revenue targets. But it’s not the only one facing the music in

Rainforest raises $8.5M to help software companies embed financial services, payments

In November 2019, Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Angela Strange famously declared that, “Every company will be a fintech company.” Specifically, Strange projected that — in the not-too-

QED and Partech back South African payment orchestration platform Revio in $5.2M seed

The payment landscape in Africa is still fragmented, with several payment operators providing different payment options to customers as well as businesses. Due to this fragmentation, payment failures

Kotani gets $2M pre-seed to help African workers send money home via crypto — without the internet

Of the many lofty promises of cryptocurrency, one of the most commendable ones is its potential to bring financial inclusion to underserved users. Nairobi-based Kotani Pay is a crypto payments startup

Ivy raises $20M to take open-banking payments international

Open banking — where traditional banks open up their data with APIs to build new financial services for their customers — has the potential to be one of the payment world’s big disru

Solana Pay integrates plug-in with Shopify for USDC payments

Solana Pay, a decentralized payment protocol by Solana Labs, has integrated its plug-in with Shopify, allowing millions of businesses on its platform to use it for payments, TechCrunch was told exclus
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