Inside Stripe’s latest moves

Welcome back to The Interchange! If you want this in your inbox, sign up here. While there is always a lot going on in the world of fintech, this week felt a little subdued overall — at least when

NomuPay, formed from pieces of failed fintech Wirecard, says it’s raised $53.6M for cross-border payments

We still see regular updates on the calamitous fallout of the 2020 collapse of Wirecard, the now-insolvent fintech out of Germany that had built an elaborate house of cards on false accounting and mur

Amazon is testing dine-in payments in India

After shutting down its food delivery business last year, Amazon India is now experimenting with dine-in payments. The company has initiated a limited introduction of bill payments at restaurants usin

Episode Six raises $48M to streamline payment processes

Austin, Texas–based Episode Six, a payments and banking infrastructure provider, today announced that it raised $48 million in a Series C funding round led by Avenir with participation from Anthos C

Amazon’s palm-scanning payment tech will now be able to verify ages, too

Amazon One, the retailer’s palm-scanning payment technology, is now gaining new functionality with the addition of age verification services. The company announced today that customers using Ama

Finix becomes a payments processor, heating up its competition with Stripe

Payments infrastructure startup Finix has slowly been taking swipes at Stripe, first becoming a facilitator, and now becoming a processor. Finix said today it now is directly connected to all major U

Founded by Adyen and Affirm alums, Ansa aims to help merchants create virtual wallets for customers

Having the ability to load up a digital wallet to pay for goods and services at businesses you frequent, and then earn rewards for those purchases, would be convenient and well, rewarding. But as of n

Now valued at $500M, Cosmose ditches Stripe to adopt Near’s crypto solution

For all the investment speculation and hype, cryptocurrency has so far struggled to find meaningful use cases. Now there’s some effort from Singapore to turn the general public into crypto adopt

Stripe says in annual letter that it processed $817B in transactions in 2022, but growth has definitely slowed

Stripe, the payments and fintech giant currently valued at $50 billion, sometimes feels like it has been forever on the brink of a public listing. But in the absence of any concrete IPO moves and the’s new president is bullish on US expansion, says she ‘welcomes’ comparisons to Stripe

The New York-based executive previously served as the COO and CFO of T. Rowe Price and was a partner at McKinsey.

Paytrix raises $18.3M to build out its one-stop payments shop

Payments remains one of the most fragmented of online services. Now a UK startup says it's building a solution to finally fix it.

Amazon’s palm-reading payment tech is coming to Panera Bread

Panera will now become the first restaurant to deploy Amazon's palm reading payment and loyalty system, known as Amazon One.

Berlin’s Monite raises $5M seed for its embedded B2B payments platform

With turbulent economies, companies are looking for more revenue streams to survive, and one obvious way to increase revenues is to streamline costs. Given companies can often use both manual processi

Metaverse payment platform Tilia gets strategic investment from J.P. Morgan

“Today, the way people transact has evolved,” newly appointed chief business officer (CBO) of Tilia Catherine Porter told me in an interview. “The rise of user-generated content (UGC

Pagos raises $34M as the demand for ‘payment intelligence’ rises

With global digital payments revenue expected to reach $14.79 trillion by 2027, payment infrastructure has arguably never been more critical. But at the same time the tech is becoming essential, the c

Stripe expands Tap to Pay to Android, turning NFC-enabled Android devices into payment terminals

Stripe, the payments and financial services upstart, made waves in the world of mobile commerce last year when it became Apple’s first payment partner for “Tap to Pay,” the iPhone gi

Klarna wins over the US

The U.S. is now Swedish payment giant Klarna’s biggest market by revenue, surpassing Germany, and that has CEO and co-founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski feeling proud. In an exclusive interview with Te

India and Singapore link UPI and PayNow in cross-border payments push

India and Singapore have linked their digital payments systems, UPI and PayNow, to enable instant and low-cost fund transfers in a major push to disrupt the cross-border flow of money between the two

Sequoia Capital Southeast Asia backs cross-border payments startup Tazapay

The rise in open banking and payment services like India’s UPI and Singapore’s PayNow means lower costs for businesses, as well as new payment options for hundreds of millions of customers in emer

Report: Stripe tried to raise more funding at a $55B-$60B valuation

When payments giant Stripe raised $600 million at a $95 billion valuation in 2021, it made headlines for raising capital at the highest-ever valuation for a privately held startup. Defending that valu
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