• Alltop Launches Personalized Feed Reader That Can Hardly Be Personalized

    Alltop, the “online magazine rack” that offers visitors a clean overview of RSS-feed enabled sources categorized by topic, is launching version 3.0 today with the addition of a custom feed reader that’s supposed to make it easier for users to personalize their user experience when browsing for online news. But how personalized is it really? The feature, dubbed MyAlltop… Read More

  • Was Anyone Still In Doubt Over LiveUniverse's Demise?

    There’s currently a thread on Techmeme based on this blog post from Pingdom about the downtime of most of LiveUniverse’s services for the past couple of days. We’ve been getting tips about this since last Thursday, and tried contacting founder & CEO Brad Greenspan (also the founder of MySpace) for an explanation to no avail. Pingdom caught the fact that the light has gone… Read More

  • Pageflakes Acquisition Confirmed

    The personalized start page is dead. Long live the personalized start page. Pageflakes, a nice-looking but perennial also-ran in the world of start-page startups, has been officially acquired by Brad Greenspan’s Live Universe, a deal we reported earlier this week. Terms were not disclosed, but it was a combination of cash and stock. Pageflakes CEO Dan Cohen will remain in charge of… Read More

  • Pageflakes Acquired By Live Universe

    Pageflakes, an Ajax home page service that originally launched in Germany in late 2005, has been acquired by Los Angeles based Live Universe, sources tell us. The deal has not yet been announced, and both Live Universe and Pageflakes refuse to comment. Pageflakes raised a high profile round of funding in May 2006 from Benchmark Europe (renamed Balderton Capital). Balderton has continued to… Read More

  • The Personalized Homepage War: Who Matters

    It’s time for an update on the personalized homepage wars – Netvibes and Pageflakes tend to get most of the press attention, and they are certainly pushing the envelope and trying to find new ways to make their services useful to users. But those two services have less than 4% of the market for personalized homepages between them (I have emailed both companies to see if their… Read More

  • Buy Your Own Netvibes/Pageflakes – Bidding Starts At $90

    Personalized desktop pages have been a popular as various players have grown market share, and others have failed. Providers like Netvibes, Pageflakes, My Yahoo and iGoogle have a passionate user base – nearly 40 million people a month visit My Yahoo alone (Comscore worldwide, January 2008). So many of these popped up by the end of 2005 that we stopped paying attention. As is often the… Read More

  • Global Grind: Ajax, Finally, For The Hip Hop Demographic

    The global hip-hop community: twenty four million people between the ages of 19-34, from a range of nationalities, ethnic groups and religions. Their collective spending power is $500 billion annually in the U.S. alone. Naturally, there are lots of online properties dedicated to Hip Hop culture. And now they have a customizable Ajax home page, too. New York based global Grind launches this… Read More

  • Amnesty Hypercube Brings Web Widgets To The Desktop

    Mesa Dynamics has announced the alpha preview release of Amnesty Hypercube, a desktop platform for web widgets. Amnesty Hypercube allows users to use web widgets, such as those provided by Google Gadgets, Pageflakes, Widgetbox and others on their desktop in a similar fashion to Apple’s Dashboard, Yahoo Widgets, Google Desktop and the Vista Sidebar. The theory goes that there are… Read More

  • Pageflakes Blizzard Release Launches

    Customized home page startup Pageflakes launched a slew of new features this morning under what it is calling its “Blizzard” release. Among all of the new features, the two that are important to highlight are social networking and customizable themes on pages. Until today Pageflakes users could create pages for their own use, and/or make public pages called Pagecasts. The content… Read More

  • Pageflakes Targets Groups With Pagecasts

    Personalized desktop startup Pageflakes has long offered collaborative desktop sharing, allowing users to share pages within a private group, edited by multiple people, or published to the world. From Wednesday the service gets a new name specific to group pages: Pagecasts, which the company describes as “the intersection of personalized pages with social media”. Pagecasts launch… Read More

  • Preview of Pageflakes "Flurry" Release

    Personalized home page startup Pageflakes is under new management. The Benchmark-funded startup opened an office in Silicon Valley and brought on Dan Cohen, who previously led the teams working on Google IG and then My Yahoo, as CEO. He’s made some noticeable changes already. Last month they quietly launched a video widget that pulls videos from major video sharing sites based on a keyword. Read More

  • A Little Perspective On Ajax Home Pages

    We’ve tracked a bunch of customizable, Ajax-rich home pages over the last couple of years. At one point it seemed like a new one was launching every week. New ones are still launching (here’s a promising one in beta), and the youngsters, Netvibes and Pageflakes, are showing the most energy and creativity. See, for example, Netvibe’s new effort to create cross platform… Read More

  • FreeYourID: Personalized OpenID

    FreeYourID is a new web service that allows users to register a personal .Name domain name which in turn can be used as an OpenID identifier, website URL and email host. Your domain name will be in the format of and the domain can then be directed to a website, host email aliases or more interestingly, be used as login credentials for services that support OpenID. For those of… Read More

  • Something Funny is Going On At Pageflakes

    There’s an odd story developing that involves Pageflakes, a customizable Ajax home page product, and FeedBurner. BoingBoing was first to report this after noticing that their RSS feed count went up substantially from Pageflakes. Over 2 million RSS readers were counted from that service alone. It appears that someone may have set up some sort of bot to create Pageflakes pages with… Read More

  • Pageflakes 2.0 To Launch

    Pageflakes, an Ajax home page service that is headquartered in Germany, is preparing to launch a major user interface change in the next day or two. I interviewed co-founder and CEO Christoph Janz and head designer Jeremy Baines about the new launch – you can listen to the podcast at TalkCrunch. A big part of the launch will be promotion of Pageflake’s recently added… Read More

  • Benchmark Invests in Pageflakes: Ajax Desktop War Heats Up

    German startup Pageflakes, an Ajax-rich personalized home page (an early profile is here) will announce a Series A round of financing led by Benchmark Capital on Wednesday. The size of the round will not be disclosed, which suggests it was on the low side. In late March, Paris-based competitor Netvibes announced a $1 million seed round. Both Netvibes and Pageflakes compete with… Read More

  • Yep, One More Ajax Desktop – Pageflakes

    I recently wrote that the Ajax desktop space was getting crazy-crowded. That was before Google released their desktop widget API and favoor launched. And now we have a developer release of a new ajax desktop called Pageflakes (available only in IE). Pageflakes has a number of features – rss reading, email checking, note taking, searching, etc. It also has a developer API to allow third… Read More