Pageflakes Targets Groups With Pagecasts

Personalized desktop startup Pageflakes has long offered collaborative desktop sharing, allowing users to share pages within a private group, edited by multiple people, or published to the world. From Wednesday the service gets a new name specific to group pages: Pagecasts, which the company describes as “the intersection of personalized pages with social media”.

Pagecasts launch with impressive numbers, over 100,000 Pagecasts will be available in the Pageflakes Pagecast directory. The new name cames with an upgrade to Pageflakes’ search functionailty. Stronger indexing tools will provide improved access to publicly available group pages.


Users can use Pagecasts to easily and quickly mashup a multimedia page with interactive Flakes (widgets) that enable them to interact with others.

Real world uses for the service are broad. Existing uses include teachers educating students, families reaching out across the globe, political opinions being voiced, fans expressing their love for their favorite teams and celebrities, small business owners reaching new customers, professionals exchanging ideas, and even children being adopted from Africa.




Scheduled for June, Pageflakes next release will see new customization tools that include advanced theming.


Discloure: Pageflakes is a TechCrunch sponsor