Yep, One More Ajax Desktop – Pageflakes

I recently wrote that the Ajax desktop space was getting crazy-crowded. That was before Google released their desktop widget API and favoor launched. And now we have a developer release of a new ajax desktop called Pageflakes (available only in IE).

Pageflakes has a number of features – rss reading, email checking, note taking, searching, etc. It also has a developer API to allow third party module-creation. Given that Microsoft and Google have this feature, it is a must have to even get in the game.

Pageflakes says it is easier to develop modules for their site than for Microst Live or Google – Developers can use MS Visual Studio and they support ASP.NET and Atlas (modules can also be build using PJP or JSP). Of course, overcoming the user loyalty of Netvibes (now a significant source of TechCrunch daily traffic) and the network power of Microsoft and Google will be very difficult.

My current count of ajax/flash desktops is nine:

Who am I missing? Who’s lucky number 10? At this point I’m just writing about these for the fun of it. :-)