My Thoughts on Reading Lists

Dave Winer has been thinking about, and recently writing about, a new idea: Reading Lists. OPML is a really useful file structure that just about everyone who uses a feed aggregator, like bloglines, i

OPML Experiment – Version 2.0

Our OPML experiment with Dave Winer (listen to Dave’s podcast here too) has captured the attention of a bunch of people, and new applications to leverage directories of blogs are being created b

Dave Winer's Purple Cow – the OPML Editor

Product: OPML Editor Founder: Dave Winer Dave Winer has been working on outlining software for over 20 years. Check out his OPML Editor (OPML stands for Outline Processor Markup Language) that has rec

BAR Camp & OPML Roadshow

What a great weekend to be in the bay area: BAR Camp on Friday-Sunday: For those of us not invited to Foo Camp this year, there is an alternative which looks to be equally (or more) exciting: BAR Camp