BAR Camp & OPML Roadshow

What a great weekend to be in the bay area:

BAR Camp on Friday-Sunday:

For those of us not invited to Foo Camp this year, there is an alternative which looks to be equally (or more) exciting: BAR Camp. No invitation required.

It’s not anti-Foo Camp, it’s just different. I’m looking forward to attending (and blogging) about the event. As Ross Mayfield says, “The important thing is that when good people get together, great things happen.”

Socialtext is donating the use of it’s office and wifi.

Ross Mayfield: Bar Camp is not anti-FOO

OPML RoadShow on Saturday:

From Dave Winer on

OPML Roadshow in California, August 20, 7PM!
Mark your calendars, the OPML Roadshow comes to California on August 20, in Berkeley, at the Hillside Club. 7PM. This is the largest venue so far, it can hold over 200 people. It seems we’ll likely fill a good portion of the seats. And if the OPML Editor isn’t publicly available by then, I’ll do something memorable and just a little embarassing. Thanks to Sylvia Paull and Jeff Ubois for helping put this event together.

This is an open event, anyone can attend.

We’ll be at both.