OPML Experiment – Version 2.0

Our OPML experiment with Dave Winer (listen to Dave’s podcast here too) has captured the attention of a bunch of people, and new applications to leverage directories of blogs are being created by some really smart people.

Here’s what we have so far:

  1. On September 29, 2005, I created the OPML directory of TechCrunch posts that you can see on the sidebar of Scripting.com. This was easily done with the OPML Editor and is updated daily.
  2. Later that night, Niall Kennedy created a Moveable Type template to do this automatically.
  3. Matt Mullenweg did the same for WordPress.
  4. Today we heard from Kosso that he’s created a flash widget to display the directory (image to left) and has placed it in the right sidebar of his blog. It has a great design and avoids page refreshes of the orginal box on Dave’s site.

As soon as I can find the time I am going to implement Matt’s wordpress plugin to output our posts automatically, and with Kosso’s permission put his his widget out our site to replace our basic category system on the right sidebar.

OPML is awesome.