Patently messy: How a $6B deal may spur more IP lawsuits

A megabucks enterprise acquisition that closed six months ago could lead to thousands of patents landing on the open market. Last August, Canadian enterprise technology giant OpenText announced plans

OpenText pushes acquisitive approach to growth with $6B Micro Focus deal

If the market doesn’t want Micro Focus, why does OpenText? It appears to be a big deal about getting bigger rather than direct synergy with the acquiring company.

Technologists: Consider Canada

If you want to build technology to be harnessed for equity, diversity and social advancement of the many — rather than freedom and inclusion for the few — we think Canada is a good place to do it.

Brand power vs. product power

Most tech companies — particularly B2B companies — either don’t understand the power of a brand, or do a really poor job of creating one.

OpenText buys data security firm Carbonite for $1.42B

Carbonite has agreed to a $1.42 billion purchase by OpenText, an enterprise information management giant, ending weeks of speculation about the anticipated buyout. The deal marks a 78% premium on Carb

OpenText acquires forensic security vendor Guidance Software for $240 million

OpenText, the content management company based in Waterloo, Ontario announced today that it was buying Guidance Software, a forensic security and eDiscovery vendor for $240 million. OpenText agreed to

OpenText acquires HP customer experience content management for $170 million

OpenText, the Canadian content management company, announced today that it was buying much of the customer experience content management business from HP Inc, the consumer printer business that emerge

As Primary Season Opens, OpenText Releases Election News Tracking Tool

After months of debates, social media chatter, outrage and craziness, the presidential primary season finally opens today with the Iowa caucuses. In response to that milestone, OpenText announced it w

Box Defeats Preliminary Injunction In OpenText’s $268M Patent Infringement Case

Some positive legal news for <a target="_blank" href="">Box</a>, the cloud services company that is <a href="

OpenText buys London-based mobile app deployment software maker weComm

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">OpenText</a> this morning <a href="

OpenText Acquires Mobile App Deployment Software Maker weComm

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">OpenText</a> this morning <a href="

Open Text Buys 3D Interface Innovator Vizible

<img src="" width="149" height="156" />Later today, enterprise content management juggernaut <a href="">Op