• ‘Time’ profiles interesting device called ‘iPhone G3’

    Wow!!! Apple apparently has another trick up its sleeve with a device that’s very similar to the iPhone 3G set to hit stores on July 11th. The new device is called the “iPhone G3” and appears to sport the exact same features as the iPhone 3G. I bet it costs the same, too. What’s interesting is that there was no formal announcement for the iPhone G3, so it appears that… Read More

  • Amazon goes down: Metal Gear Solid 4/Playstation 3 bundle to blame?

    Amazon’s site has been down off and on today, completely out of service. The company’s been mum on the topic, but it went down shortly after the Playstation 3/Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle the fans have been drooling over went on sale. Gamers in the PS3 forums have been speculating that the demand for the bundle is at fault. It makes sense that the fanboys would be all trying to get… Read More

  • Competing sub-notebook vendors love the same boy

    You could hire a studio and models to do a photo shoot to promote your product, or you could save some money by grabbing a licensed image from a stock photography website, like Getty. If you do, just make sure you largest competitor hasn’t also used the exact same image in the exact same way. Awkward. [Google Translated] Read More

  • Apple: No cash for iPhones at the Apple store

    There aren’t many iPhones left, as many note, but if you do find one and you want to purchase it, you’re going to need a credit card. It’s not for the activation or anything of that sort, but Apple requires you to use a marked form of payment for the transaction to help eliminate scalpers, a problem it’s had between itself and AT&T. According to Apple it does this… Read More

  • Best link of the day so far, you can thank me later

    The Internet is a great big place. Make sure you know where on it you are before posting on a forum. That is all. Thanks, Josh. Read More

  • Automatic XP and Vista updates temporarily stopped

    Apparently the service packs for Microsoft’s Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems aren’t playing nicely with another one of Microsoft’s products; Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System. The incompatibility is a big enough problem that the automatic updates for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 have been shut down for a… Read More

  • Online store offers Linux Eee PC + Microsoft Office

    If you’re a fan of Linux, you probably also really love Microsoft Office, right? That’s what British online retailer BT Shop is betting with a bundle that includes the new Linux version of the Asus Eee 900 and a copy of Office Home and Student Edition, according to The Register. The bundle only saves each buyer less than two British pounds, Microsoft Office doesn’t work… Read More

  • Asus gives higher capacity batteries to Eee reviewers

    People in Hong Kong are upset — maybe outraged! — at Asus for sending out review units of the new Eee PC 900 with 4-cell 5800mAh batteries and then selling the public machines with 4-cell 4400mAh batteries. I’d be a little upset too. According to DigiTimes, “Several consumers in Hong Kong who purchased Eee PC 900s on the first day have complained that the battery… Read More

  • CNN's hackable headline T-shirt web app

    This is a great little fun hack. CNN is now selling T-shirts of your favorite headlines. We’re not sure why, they just are. The fun part is you can change the URL to say anything you want, making for many hilarious possibilities. Take, for example, this headline I made up: “John Biggs Eats Twigs; Pope Condemns.” It’s totally fake! I made that up! The Pope has never… Read More

  • Man builds rad trimaran sailboat in yard, now it's stuck there

    We’re all for DIY, sometimes when you want to do something right you have to do it yourself and all that. You should plan ahead though. Don’t be like this Brit who spent five years hand-building a dream yacht only to find when it was completed it was too large to move from his yard. Oops indeed. The trimaran yacht looks badass, sure, but until he can afford a crane and truck… Read More

  • Vista SP1 accidentally released yesterday

    Anyone get Vista SP1 via Windows Update yesterday? Apparently someone at Microsoft accidentally made the update available for a little while — can you believe it? Here’s what ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes was able to get out of a spokesperson. “…Today, a build of SP1 was posted to Windows Update and it was inadvertently made available to a broad group. The… Read More