• QVC Acquires Social Classifieds Veteran Oodle To Help Power Its Social Commerce Evolution

    QVC Acquires Social Classifieds Veteran Oodle To Help Power Its Social Commerce Evolution

    Founded in 2005 by former Excite execs, Oodle quickly became one of the largest aggregators and search engines for classifieds on the Web. After some bumps and hiccups along the way, the company began to focus more on the social side of classifieds, and today powers the Facebook Marketplace. This shift led Oodle to hit profitability and become cash flow positive last year, and today… Read More

  • Social Commerce And The New Rules For Local Businesses

    Social Commerce And The New Rules For Local Businesses

    Editor’s note: Guest writer Craig Donato is the CEO of Oodle, a social maretplace that powers the Facebook Marketplace. Ecommerce today is imbued with the same DNA that runs through Google. It’s automated. It’s algorithmic. It’s certainly not human. And the marketing campaigns that are built with this DNA are similarly data-driven. They employ number-crunchers to… Read More

  • Oodle Widens Its Social Reach On Facebook Marketplace

    When Oodle started out six years ago as a classifieds search engine, it’s focus was all around search and bringing together the best classified ads from all over the web. Today, it still does that, but increasingly it is moving more and more towards social classifieds. “We are 100 percent committed to social,” CEO Craig Donato tells me. Oodle already powers the Facebook… Read More

  • Will the Real "eBay of Social" Please Stand Up? (TCTV)

    In the venture business being ahead of your time can be almost as bad as being late to a market. But the other great thing about the venture business is there are exceptions to every rule. Craig Donato is hoping that Oodle is the exception to that one. He’s spent more than ten years building a social classified company, powering the marketplaces for Oodle.com, MySpace and Facebook… Read More

  • Social Classifieds Service Oodle Buys Grouply

    In online classifieds, as with any marketplace, the more buyers and sellers a company can bring together, the more listings it can generate. Oodle is about to add 1.6 million groups to its social commerce platform. Oodle is acquiring Grouply in a deal which could be announced as soon as today. Oodle powers social classifieds on Facebook and MySpace. Now, presumably, it will offer classifieds… Read More

  • Online Classifieds Site Oodle Now Lets Users Publish Listings To Their Social Streams

    Online classifieds service Oodle is socializing its listings with a new interface that allows users to publish listings directly to their social streams on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Oodle already powers the classifieds listings for Facebook and MySpace. The startup announced the new feature last year, but is rolling it out today. Users connect to their social identities via oAuth… Read More

  • OLX And hi5 Join Forces For International Expansion Plans

    OLX and hi5, both challengers to dominating juggernauts in their respective fields (online classifieds and social networking), have teamed up to expose each others’ admittedly vast but geographically spread audience to one another. OLX says it currently boasts 70 million unique visitors each month across 90 countries, largely thanks to existing partnerships with services that have… Read More

  • After MySpace And Facebook, Oodle To Power Brand New AOL Classifieds

    Classifieds aggregation service provider Oodle is on a roll and definitely one of the startups worth following closely this year. After signing up two social networking juggernauts – both MySpace and Facebook – the company is now apparently also behind the just launched AOL Classifieds platform, per blog post by Greg Sterling. The news comes right after a significant financing… Read More

  • Oodle Shows Decent Growth, Adds $5.6 Million More To Its War Chest

    Online classifieds service Oodle is reporting decent growth in the first month of 2009 with over 10 million visits (both Quantcast and Compete reflect a significant traffic surge). Add to that the fact that social networking juggernaut Facebook has selected the company to power its classified listings application and you know they’re on to something over at the San Mateo, CA-based… Read More

  • Confirmed: Oodle To Power Facebook Classifieds

    As we speculated last month, Facebook is about to hand over its official classifieds listings to a partner, and that partner is Oodle, we have been able to confirm. An announcement may be made as early as tomorrow. What is interesting about this deal is that Oodle already powers the classifieds on MySpace. Even though Facebook and MySpace are archrivals, this makes sense because in… Read More

  • Facebook Getting Serious About Classifieds; May Relaunch This Year

    Here’s a rumor that won’t go away – Facebook has been quietly searching for a partner to take over their year and a half old classified listings application, and may relaunch as early as the end of December. According to our sources, Facebook distributed a request-for-proposal to a number of classified sites earlier this year (the same model they are using for Facebook… Read More

  • Sun Puts Tech Layoffs Over 20,000 So Far This Month (Oodle and Rearden Also Join Our Tracker)

    Since the last time we gave an update at the beginning of the month there have been 20,171 layoffs at tech and media companies added to our Layoff Tracker. That brings the total to 58,709 tech layoffs over the past two and a half months. One previously unreported layoff we have been able to confirm is 10 people at classifieds search engine Oodle, which occurred last week and represents a… Read More

  • Microsoft Exits Classified Listings Business

    Microsoft Live Expo, their experiment with classified listings that launched in early 2006, will be shut down on July 31, says a notice posted on the site. New listings have already been suspended. This comes as Craigslist solidifies its position as the top free listings service. Other services like Kijiji (owned by eBay) and Oodle (which recently partnered with Walmart) continue to grow. Read More

  • Walmart Launches Classified Listings

    Walmart has added a classified listings service to their site. Silicon Valley startup Oodle, which was founded in 2004, is powering the service. The listings are free, which means Walmart is likely doing the deal to generate page views and advertising impressions. They also now compete with both Craigslist and eBay-owned Kijiji. Walmart has a mixed history of success with Web businesses… Read More

  • Oodle Revamps Site and Is Testing an Ad Network for Classifieds

    Classifieds search engine Oodle has just pushed through a major upgrade to its Website, which searches 30 million active classifieds listings across the Web. It is also testing an ad network across other sites that drops a local classified from Oodle’s paid listings at the bottom of a related classifieds search on a partner site as backfill, or as a contextual ad on the side of a… Read More

  • Oodle Raises $11 million

    Classified search engine Oodle got a pile of cash today, $11 million from new investor JAFCO Ventures and the leaders of their previous $5 million round, Greylock Partners and Redpoint Ventures. Like LiveDeal, Edgeio, and Vast, Oodle repackages and aggregates classified listings from around the web to make them easily searched by category, attributes, and location. Google Base also dipped its… Read More

  • Oodle Does add Events/Tickets Category

    I wrote about this last week – and Oodle now has officially added events and tickets as a category. This seem to be primarily a combination of meetup events and tickets from a number of ticket brokers, including stubhub. There’s lots on money in this space from affiliate fees, so it’s a smart move. Read More

  • Oodle to Add Events

    Oodle a vertical search engine for classified ads, is set to add events as a category in the next week or so. Oodle’s current categories include For Sale, Cars, Housing, Jobs and Services. With events, they will have the ability to pair revenue-generating services such as ticket sales and related items with the classifieds. Oodle clearly needs to find new ways to generate excitement. Read More