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  • Panasonic Debuts World’s First 4K Printed OLED TV, Just Half An Inch Thick

    Panasonic Debuts World’s First 4K Printed OLED TV, Just Half An Inch Thick

    Panasonic showed off a unique new kind of OLED TV today on stage at the CES 2013 keynote, which is manufactured using 3D printing technology. The 56-inch television is incredibly thin, at just half-an-inch thick, and weighs a fraction of previous generation LED sets. The use of 3D printing tech should also eventually help super high resolution OLED TVs come down to manageable pricing levels… Read More

  • LG Shows Off Prototype 3D OLED TV, More At IFA

    LG seems to be planning on dominating the 3D OLED market this coming year, and will be showing a few examples of their technology off at IFA this week. The current jewel in their crown is a 31-inch, 2.9mm thin OLED display. This will earn LG the title of “world’s thinnest OLED TV”. At least until someone else comes out with something thinner. Read More

  • OLED TV shipments to increase 200% by 2015, but to remain a small niche market

    You would be hard pressed to find an OLED TV in any brick and mortar retailer besides the Sony Store right now. The technology is amazing, but they just aren’t available yet and that might not change soon according to a iSuppli report. The TVs are too small and the prices are too high to gain any real traction. But, as we all know, that will change as the display tech evolves. Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Sony presents razor-thin OLED display

    Sony caused a worlwide sensation at last year’s CEATEC by introducing the XEL-1 during the event, its mini OLED TV, which boasts a thickness of just 3 mm (1.4 mm at its thinnest part). This year, the general public gets to see a OLED display that is just 0.3 mm at its thinnest part (otherwise, the 11-inch screen is technically identical to the XEL-1). In the US, Sony showcased the… Read More

  • SonyDrive surprise is…

    This isn’t at all what I expected from Sony. Truth be told, I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but the teaser from Sony has been revealed. It’s a 3mm OLED TV with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The SonyDrive XEL-1 packs a quite a bit for an 11-incher. A 960×450 resolution, HDMI, USB, Ethernet, 45W power consumption, 2x1W speakers, a terrestrial digital… Read More