Panasonic Debuts World’s First 4K Printed OLED TV, Just Half An Inch Thick

Panasonic showed off a unique new kind of OLED TV today onstage at the CES 2013 keynote, which is manufactured using 3D printing technology. The 56-inch television is incredibly thin, at just half-an-inch thick, and weighs a fraction of previous generation LED sets. The use of 3D printing tech should also eventually help super high resolution OLED TVs come down to manageable pricing levels, as the manufacturing process improves over time.

The TV was only displayed onstage briefly, and Panasonic CEO Kauhiro Tsuga didn’t share any details about when it would be available to consumers or at what price, but we’ll be seeking out the set on the show floor later. Judging by initial impressions from where we’re sitting, it’s a very impressive device with a screen that looks amazing even from a distance of about 30 to 40 feet back.