The day that changed your phone forever

Facebook’s ComponentKit Is A New Framework For Building iOS App Interfaces

At its F8 developer conference, Facebook today announced the launch of ComponentKit, a new Objective-C library the company built to improve the performance of its iOS app. As Facebook notes, Component

Swifty Teaches Apple’s New Programming Language On Your iPhone

Swifty is an app that provides an interactive set of tutorials that gradually guide you through the basics of Swift on your iPhone or iPad, from the very basics of variables and data types to the esse

Our Polyglot Nightmare

The diversity of human languages has been on the decline for decades. With the rise of globalized communications and business, the world has accelerated its shedding of unpopular languages, as speaker

Index Shows iOS Programming Language Now In Top 3 As Mobile Development Booms

For the first time in years. Objective-C is now more popular than C++, showing proof that mobile development is surging ahead as we enter the post-PC era. <a href="https://techcrunch.com/?attachmen