How President Obama shaped the future of digital health

A new leader of the free world will soon be voted into office. Shortly thereafter, he or she will begin a minimum four-year journey to steer the country toward prosperity, safety and global leadership

Oregon Sues Oracle

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is taking Oracle to court. The state of Oregon — my home state, go fightin’ rain and trees — is unhappy with the performance of the website

US Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius To Resign

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning. President Obama, according to the New York Times, has selected Sylvia Mathews Burwell of the Office of Management and Budget as her

HHS Secretary Sebelius: HealthCare.Gov “Definitely Saw The Galifianakis Bump”

When Obamacare passed the 6 million-person sign-up mark, we pointed, with our tongues half-cheeked, to President Obama's Between Two Ferns appearance with Zach Galifianakis. Turns out we were mostly o

Obamacare Spurring A New Generation Of Startups

Spurred by the Affordable Care Act, the American healthcare system in 2014 has entered a period of titanic change. The process will be messy and disruptive – it already is. While challenging for con

Senators Want Tech Companies To Serve As Healthcare.gov Alternative

Eight Democratic senators are finally asking the Obama Administration to let startups act as an alternative to the malfunctioning healthcare website, Healthcare.gov. “There are long-term advanta

Official: “We’re Kind Of Blind” To The Costs Of Healthcare.gov Fix

Apparently, the U.S. government has no idea how much it will cost to fix the malfunctioning, multi-million-dollar federal healthcare e-commerce website, Healthcare.gov. During ongoing Congressional te

Healthcare.gov Could Only Handle 1,100 Users On The Eve Of Launch

Recently released documents reveal that the failed federal insurance e-commerce website, healthcare.gov, could <a target="_blank" href="http://nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/11/06/21337298-stress-

There Are No More “Tech Issues”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is not a tech founder. President Barack Obama does not have a GitHub account. The failed launch of the new health insurance e-commerce website,

Yes, Only 6 Users Signed Up On Healthcare.gov Launch Day, But Don’t Panic

New documents reveal that a mere six people managed to sign up for health insurance through the government's beleaguered e-commerce website, Healthcare.gov on it's opening day. Naturally, the <a ta

Healthcare.gov Likely Broken Until Key Thanksgiving Deadline

Healthcare.gov is going to be broken until the end of November, says Jeff Zients, a consultant brought in to fix the beleaguered federal health insurance e-commerce website. On a press conference call

Healthcare.gov Ignores Birthdates, Dramatically Underestimates Prices

Healthcare.gov’s newest feature is presenting consumers with disturbingly misleading health insurance prices. CBS uncovered how the beleaguered federal insurance marketplace website is underesti

How Healthcare.gov Doomed Itself By Screwing Startups

Healthcare.gov, a government-run e-commerce website for the Affordable Care Act, does not actually need to exist. The still-dysfunctional federal site could have offloaded all of the work to startups,

Amidst Obamacare’s Marketplace Madness, The YEC Wants To Help Startups Take The Hassle Out Of Health Insurance

Amid partisan shenanigans, a government shutdown and much squabbling, The White House launched a new website today that will eventually allow Americans to compare the price of health insurance plans &

Obama: iPhones Have Glitches Just Like Healthcare.gov Has Glitches. Deal.

President Obama just compared Apple’s imperfect operating system launch to the massive glitches plaguing the new government healthcare price comparison websites. Responding to the government shu

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Obamacare’s Online Price Comparison Site

Tomorrow, for the first time, Americans will be able to easily compare health insurance plans. President Obama's signature piece of legislation to overhaul the healthcare system, The Affordable Care A

Medtech Startup Embrace Her Health Helps Women Track Their Pregnancies

Among the crowd showing at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley was Embrace Her Health, a two-year-old company at work on a suite of maternity apps that aim to enable women to manage their pre- an