N26 adds crypto trading with new Bitpanda integration

Challenger bank N26 is launching a new trading feature in its app — N26 Crypto. Users will be able to easily trade crypto assets using money in their N26 account. Behind the scenes, N26 is partnerin

Challenger bank N26 raises $900 million at $9 billion valuation

Fintech startup N26 has raised a $900 million Series E round at a $9 billion valuation. That represents a big jump from the company’s Series D valuation of $3.5 billion. The Berlin-based startup ope

N26 launches mid-tier subscription plan for €4.90 per month

Challenger bank N26 is adding a third subscription product called N26 Smart. N26 Smart is designed to be a mid-tier subscription plan with advanced banking features but without a travel insurance pack

N26 hires Adrienne Gormley as its new chief operating officer

Fintech startup N26 is announcing some changes in the leadership team with two new C-Level hires. First, Adrienne Gormley, pictured above, is joining the company as chief operating officer, replacing

Creandum backs Amie, a new productivity app from ex-N26 product manager Dennis Müller

Amie, a new productivity app from ex-N26 product manager Dennis Müller, has picked up $1.3 million in pre-seed funding to “kickstart” development and hiring. Backing 23-year-old Müller i

N26 exits UK market following Brexit

German fintech startup N26 is shutting down its operations in the U.K. Customers who opened a bank account in the U.K. will have to transfer their deposits, spend everything with their card or withdra

N26’s head of product is building a better bank

Fintech startup N26 recently reached a new milestone as it now has five million customers. The company launched onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt five years ago. The premise was simple. A young startup wa

N26 launches savings accounts with Raisin

N26 is launching yet another feature to build a modern retail bank for European customers. This time, the company is partnering with Raisin, a German startup also known as WeltSparen. In just a few ta

N26 launches business bank accounts for freelancers

If you’re a freelancer or self-employed person, you can now open a dedicated business account with N26 in just a few minutes. These business accounts are pretty similar to the consumer accounts with

N26 now has 300,000 customers and adds 1,000 users per day

You’d think it would be a bit harder to get new users when your startup is a bank. But N26 is now available in 17 European countries and has opened 300,000 bank accounts for its user base. Currently

N26 users can now get a credit line in five minutes

N26 is iterating at an incredible pace these days with a ton of new product features and geographical expansions to build the most modern bank in Europe. But the new features always follow the same mo

N26 announces a premium Black card with Allianz travel insurance

What’s missing from N26? The company has been slowly but surely building a new bank account from the ground up. This time, the company is trying to recreate the insurance product that you typically

N26 launches its investment product in Germany

A few days after announcing its banking license, N26 (formerly known as Number26) is partnering with fellow German fintech startup vaamo to add a new service to its banking offering with its first inv

Number26 is now a true bank as it now has a full banking license

Berlin-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">Number26</a> is trying to reinvent the bank. This might sound crazy, and that's why the startup has processed step by step. After p

Number26 raises another $40 million for its vision for the future of banking

Berlin-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">Number26</a> just raised a $40 million Series B round led by <a target="_blank" href="

Number26 Now Uses TransferWise For International Transfers

<a target="_blank" href="">Number26</a> is trying to reinvent your bank account. One by one, the company is looking at the traditional bank features and using more modern options to

Number26 Launches Maestro Card With Contactless Payment

German startup <a target="_blank" href="">Number26</a> just launched a new product. As the company is trying to reinvent your banking experience, this isn't your average product. N

Number26 Launches Its Bank Of The Future In 6 New Countries

If you don’t like your current bank, Number26 is here for you. The German startup has been trying to reinvent the average banking experience in Germany and Austria. It is now expanding to six ne

Cookies Wants To Become The Venmo Of Europe

Many have tried, but no European company has become as successful as <a target="_blank" href="">Venmo</a> so far. Venmo is a great way to pay back your friends in a few taps without

Number26 Adds Overdraft Feature To Its Modern Banking Experience

Overdraft fees suck, but sometimes you need more money than what you currently have on your bank account for a big purchase. Until now, Berlin-based startup <a target="_blank" href="https://number26.d
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