Kind of cute: transparent "photo paddles" add shades, mustaches, etc to subjects

<img src="" />Can't wait until you get home to add some novelty effects to your photographs? Have I got a product for you! These Photo Pad

Iron Man 2 USB drive available now

<img src="" />Apparently not only do we get the fast food restaurants, toys, and video games, we also get novelty USB drives. And since

USB Mice Wheel: a live measure of your productivity

In case you have an extra USB slot and perhaps an excess of whimsy, this may be the nonsense desk accessory for you. The mouse in the wheel will run faster the faster you type — useful if you do

Remote Control Finder helps you find your remote controls

So here’s a problem many face: You’ve got your various remotes for you home theater set up, and you haven’t gotten yourself a high-end universal yet. The problem is the less you use

Novint Falcon

The GDC floor is a barren wasteland in regards to hardware. I’ve scoured it back-and-forth and come across few items worth reporting. Most of the physical things on display are worthless baubles