Kind of cute: transparent "photo paddles" add shades, mustaches, etc to subjects

Can’t wait until you get home to add some novelty effects to your photographs? Have I got a product for you! These Photo Paddles are essentially just bits of transparent plastic with props mounted in them — lips, sunglasses, a nice big mustache, that sort of thing. Cheesy, yes, but possibly entertaining.
They’ve actually been around for quite a while (they were created for a design show last year) but they’re now available for purchase more easily than by . $6 each seems a bit steep (you could probably make your own for far less), and I can’t figure out how to get any of the sunglasses ones (“Howdy”?), but hey. It’s art, it’s not supposed to make sense.

Keep in mind these won’t work if you have any depth of field at all. The creator instructs you to use them with your camera phone, which seems like sound advice, though if you have a fancy autofocus camera phone, you might have trouble.

[via Notcot and CNET]