Nir Eyal

This Is Your Brain On Boarding: How To Turn Visitors Into Users

<em><strong>Editor’s Note</strong>:<a target="_blank" href=""> Nir Eyal</a> is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is the founder of

Make Your Users Do the Work

<strong>Editor’s Note:</strong><em><a target="_blank" href=""> Nir Eyal</a> is a founder of two startups and an advisor to several Bay Area companies and incubators. He

The Art Of Manipulation

Let's admit it, we in the consumer web industry are in the manipulation business. We build products meant to persuade people to do what we want them to do. We call these people "users" and even if we

The Next Secrets Of The Web

Right now, someone is tinkering with a billion dollar secret -- they just don’t know it yet. “What people aren’t telling you,” Peter Thiel <a target="_blank" href="http://blakemasters.tumblr.c

Never Take Your Eyes Off This Hacker Metric

If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of the Facebook IPO story. For tech entrepreneurs struggling to build stuff, the cacophony of recent press is just more noise. That’s why when my friend<a hr

Spotting The Next Facebook: Why Emotions Are Big Business

Tomorrow Facebook will sell shares in one of the biggest tech IPOs in history. New investors will gobble up the stock to get a piece of the global phenomenon famously started in Mark Zuckerberg’s do

The Billion Dollar Mind Trick

Yin asked not to be identified by her real name. A young addict in her mid-twenties, she lives in Palo Alto and, despite her addiction, attends Stanford University. She has all the composure and polis

Hooking Users In 3 Steps

The truly great consumer technology companies of the past 25 years have all had one thing in common: They created habits. This is what separates world-changing businesses from the rest. Apple, Faceboo

Abolish The Reference Check

It’s time to abolish the reference check. The unpleasant process of calling up a job applicant’s former boss to gab about the candidate’s pluses and “deltas” is just silly. Maybe if we all j

Want To Hook Your Users? Drive Them Crazy.

In advertising, marketers reinforce a behavior by linking to the promise of reward. “Use our product,” they claim, “and you’ll get laid”; it’s the gist of many product pitches from <a href

Go Ask Grandma: How To Design For “Normals”

As web watchers, entrepreneurs, and investors search for the next big thing, they’d be wise to focus on innovations that can be easily adopted by technology novices. A recent string of companies, in

How To Manufacture Desire

Type the name of almost any successful consumer web company into your search bar and add the word “addict” after it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Try “Facebook addict” or “Zynga addict” or even

Habits Are The New Viral: Why Startups Must Be Behavior Experts

Face it; you’re hooked. It’s your uncontrollable urge to check for email notifications on your phone. It’s your compulsion to visit Facebook or Twitter for just a few minutes, but somehow find y

Personalized eCommerce Is Already Here, You Just Don’t Recognize It

Reading <a href="">Leena Rao’s recent article on Techcrunch</a> about the personalization revolution, you get the sen