With Chernin Out At News Corp, What Happens To FIM?

<img src="" width="174" height="200" /> Peter Chernin, the long-time president and COO of News Corp, is <a href="

News Corp Consolidates All Fox Interactive Employees Into New Facility

Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp subsidiary that controls most of its online assets, has signed a 12 year lease agreement for a new facility in Playa Vista. All FIM companies in Southern Californi

Weakness At MySpace

During yesterday’s News Corp. earnings call, Rupert Murdoch and COO Peter Chernin talked a little bit about the weakness at MySpace. They expect Fox Interactive Media (which includes MySpace, Ph

Yahoo Fence Sitting, Will Meet With Microsoft And AOL Next Week

Yahoo Goes Scorched Earth

What a day. I can’t say neither side is throwing punches any longer in the epic fight over what’s left of Yahoo. Microsoft and Yahoo are done, for the most part, with sternly worded letter

In Another Surprise Twist, AOL-Yahoo Deal Said to Be Close At Hand

Things are moving fast in the Yahoo-Microsoft drama. All the different forces are aligning for an endgame. The latest twist: The WSJ is reporting that Yahoo is close to signing a deal to combine with

News Corp Talking To Microsoft About Joining Yahoo Bid

News Corp is said to be in talks with Microsoft about joining its bid for Yahoo, according to sources quoted by the New York Times. News Corp entering the mix may allow Microsoft to raise its bid, put

Fox Interactive Media To Miss Revenue Targets; Chief Revenue Officer Out Amid Reorganization

Amidst all the excitement over the MySpace Music announcement today is another story about the fate of parent company Fox Interactive Media. FIM, the division of News Corp. that controls MySpace, IGN,

What Media Company Gained the Most Market Share in 2007? (Hint: It Starts With a G).

When it comes to market share gains in advertising dollars, Google outstripped every other media company in 2007, whether you look at the Web, TV, print, or radio. Earlier this morning, Henry Blodget

News Corp Gives Up The Fight For Yahoo

Rupert Murdoch is reported to have said that News Corp won’t fight Microsoft for Yahoo. Talking to investors at the annual Bear Stearns Media Conference, Murchdoch said that “We’re n

News Corp.-Yahoo Discussion Go On. And On.

News Corp. has essentially planted four or five deal guys at Yahoo HQ, working directly with Yahoo business development to try to find a deal to combine MySpace and Yahoo that both sides can swallow.

Yahoo And News Corp. Continue Marathon Discussions; Possible Bid To Counter Microsoft

At the start of the Microsoft/Yahoo saga we reported that News Corp. was scrambling to put together a bid to compete with Microsoft, but backed down because they were unable to find outside funding to

Internet Cables And Sharks With Laser Beams On Their Heads

In case you missed the news, internet cables serving the Middle East have had a rough week, with anywhere up to five major cables being cut over the last week. CrunchGear has been following the whole

Rumor: Is Google About to Buy Bebo For $1 Billion To $1.5 Billion? Or Will it Be MySpace?

An unconfirmed rumor has surfaced that either Google or MySpace is about to announce a big $1 billion to $1.5 billion acquisition in the social space. After checking around with multiple industry sour

News Corp. Scrambles To Bid For Yahoo

The rumors keep on rolling around the surprise semi-hostile Microsoft bid for Yahoo this morning. Sillicon Alley Insider says they’ve heard that a couple of hedge funds were already preparing th

Why Does the Wall Street Journal Hate the Web?

Ever since the rear-guard at the Wall Street Journal won the battle to keep its news pages behind its subscription wall (although, its opinion pages are now free), they have been cracking down especia

Final Word On More Free Content, But Subscriptions To Remain, Likely To Cost More

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch has said that the Wall Street Journal online will retain a paid subscription model, despite months of speculation that the site would go completely free. Although the

What Does MySpace's Child-Protection Deal Mean for Facebook, Bebo, and Google?

Today’s agreement between MySpace and nearly all the states attorneys general to bulk up protections against sexual predators will no doubt have spillover effects on other social networks as wel

MySpace Tries To Put Sexual Predator Problems Behind It

In a deal announced today with 49 state attorneys general and Washington D.C., MySpace has put into place new measures to protect minors from sexual predators. (Texas is the lone holdout). The site, o

Apple To Offer Fox Video Rentals On iTunes

Apple is said to have signed a deal with 20th Century Fox that will see video rentals on iTunes. According to the deal will be officially announced at MacWorld on January 14. The same report al
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