Internet Cables And Sharks With Laser Beams On Their Heads

shark.jpgIn case you missed the news, internet cables serving the Middle East have had a rough week, with anywhere up to five major cables being cut over the last week.

CrunchGear has been following the whole story, but we’ve not covered it until now because internet cables being cut isn’t as an irregular occurrence as you might think. Many of the companies behind these cables are essentially lazy, and simply drop them on the ocean floor, where ships can drop anchor and take them out at random. Five (or possibly less) cables were cut resulting in major outages in Iran (possibly the whole country, but possibly not) and other Middle Eastern countries. The cable cuts have resulted in more conspiracy theories than a Ron Paul meetup. The Economist has more on the theories.

What perked our interest was an article Wednesday from the Wall Street Journal covering the story that included the very funky image top right. Yes, that’s a Shark with laser beams on its head. There was much discussion about the Wall Street Journals editorial credibility post News Corp, and finally we are seeing the results. Personally I don’t mind the change that much, sharks with laser beams on their heads makes for a more lively and creative Wall Street Journal, but I’m betting I might be in the minority with that conclusion. What do you think?