• Review: HP Mini 1000 Mi edition

    If you’re ready to jump head first into the pool of netbooks then consider HP’s Mini 1000 line. They’re comparably priced and spec’d out to compete with the rest of the lot, but if you’re still a little uneasy about the whole thing then read on for a list of pros and cons for the machine I’ve been lusting over since last year. Read More

  • High-res display now available for Dell Mini 10 or is it?

    HP’s 2140 was supposed to start shipping with a HD display sometime last month and quick check on the site reveals that it’s still not available. Some of the personal reviews state that the low-res displays caused them to return the netbook. It makes me wonder if there’s some manufacturing issue over in China with these high-res displays. I bring this up because it appears… Read More

  • Chinean Apple netbook: Great comfort!

    A Hong Kong OEM, Shenzhen Ltd. has just launched an “Apple” netbook with 10-inch display, VIA Nano processor, and Windows or Linux built-in. Best of all we have an excellent write-up by Read More

  • Rumor: LG confirms Apple will have new OLED notebook, iPhone and maybe something else

    Do you have high blood pressure? Well, you’re about to get a huge chunk of salt for lunch. Smarthouse is claiming that a source working in the confines of LG have revealed that Apple is working on an OLED touch-screen netbook and a new iPhone/iPod Touch. Sure, we knew about the 10-inch panels weeks ago, but this lends a bit of credence to that rumor. It’s no secret that Apple tapped… Read More

  • Asus merging EEE PC and netbook divisions: Who's next?

    First, the “news”: Digitimes is reporting that Asustek is considering a merger of their PC and notebook – really netbook – divisions. This means the two divisions will work as one cohesive unit which means lots of people will probably get fired. Fair enough. Now what does this mean in the macro sense? Since the early 2000s, PC and laptop hardware has been converging. Read More

  • When Dow Jones says there will be an Apple netbook, there won't be an Apple netbook

    Dow Jones made a few calls last night to Wintek and Quanta and are currently reporting that Apple is planning a touchscreen netbook. This means with 70% certainty that Apple isn’t planning a touchscreen netbook. Read More

  • Is a touchscreen Apple netbook imminent?

    Rumors of an Apple netbook and/or a touchscreen Apple notebook have been bandied about for what seems like ages. Today, we have news of a combination of the two. Apparently Quanta Computer, the same company that makes netbooks for just about every major company that’s got a netbook on the market, will be making an Apple netbook with a touchscreen provided by Wintek. Read More

  • Big in Japan: Sony Vaio P is the best netbook, newspaper says

    Sony’s foray into the growing netbook market with the Vaio P (which Sony itself doesn’t call a netbook) caused considerable interest in the blogosphere, especially in Japan. And it’s the best netbook in that country. This is at least what a report by Japan’s biggest business newspaper, The Nikkei, suggests. Read More

  • What's next for netbooks?

    Currently, if you want a netbook, you’re going to get an Intel atom chipset. This is just understood. They are fast, have low heat and power consumption, and are the defacto standard. But AMD is looking to get in on some of that action, and they could be a serious threat to Intel. Read More

  • Dell Mini 10 glamour shots available

    While we haven’t got any more major news about the Mini 10 (like when it’s shipping, officially), Dell has finally put some decent pictures up on their site. You’ve got to admit, they look pretty good. Better then most netbooks out there in fact. Read More

  • Dell challenges Psion’s ‘netbook’ trademark

    More information concerning Psion, the company that trademarked the word “netbook” back in 2000. You’ll recall that the company sent out cease and desist letters to certain sites that used the term “netbook” and even got Google to remove “netbook” campaigns from its Ad Words advertising program. Guess who’s not too happy about all this? Dell. Read More

  • Gateway's new TC series attempts to bridge the netbook gap

    Netbook too small for yah? Gateway is banking that some people want the smallish footprint – and price – of a netbook, but also wants a bit more power and options. The TC Series fits that market well with a 14-inch HD screen and a $649 price. Read More

  • Epson's Na01 Endeavor mini netbook gets new color and price

    Epson today in Japan announced the Na01 Endeavor Mini White [JP], a variation of a netbook the company released in Nippon back in November. It’s unknown whether the white or the older black model will ever be available in the rest of the world. Read More

  • Gachapin and Mukku: Bandai uses ugly monsters to design netbook

    Bandai in Japan announced a very special kind of netbook, the Gachapin and Mukku ultramobile PC [JP]. Gachapin is the green monster (a dinosaur, actually) and huge on Japanese kids TV, just like his sidekick Mukku, a red Yeti. Read More

  • Ghetto DIY: Homemade 12-cell battery for Eee

    Eeeuser forum member TenaciousDre wasn’t content with the Eee’s battery life, but like any real man, he wanted more power. So, he ripped apart his old IBM P2 and Frankensteined the li-ion cells with the Eee’s existing battery pack. Battery life varies depending on what he’s doing, but it ranges anywhere from 4 to 15 hours. But there are some downsides to this mod. Read More

  • VentureBeat: "Intel wants to release Android netbooks"… in crazy world!

    VentureBeat has a hot, hot scoop on Intel planning Android notebooks. Could they know something we don’t, namely that Intel, a stalwart chip manufacturer, might have gone crazy and started designing and selling netbooks? Read More

  • Intel's new OS for netbooks

    Intel hasn’t had a history of liking the idea of netbooks since the low price point of the Atom processor that most of them are based on doesn’t allow for very high profit margins. Well, it looks like Intel has realized that netbooks are here to stay because they’ve just taken the wraps off their own flavor of Linux optimized for the Atom processor: Moblin. Read More

  • $10 laptop coming from India on February 3rd, or so they say

    While companies have been toiling away at breaking the sub-$100 notebook price point for ages now, an Indian company is ready to show off a notebook that costs – ready? – only $10. Actually, right now, it would cost $20 but mass production should drive it down they say. The notebook apparently still comes equipped with 2GB of memory, WiFi, Ethernet, and expendable memory. No word… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 Netbook $177 (btw, it's a refurb)

    Jump on the netbook bandwagon on the cheap side with this Dell Mini 9 refurbished netbook. It’s the low end Ubuntu model with only a 1.6GHz Atom, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB SSD but it’s only $179. Because it’s right from Dell, however, buyers still get a 1 year warranty and 24/7 tech support. Just use coupon code $C$TXXP1CT3BLC (via) to bring the advertised price of $209 down to a… Read More

  • First photos of the new OLPC 2.0 netbook

    Here we have the first image of the new OLPC netbook which may or may not actually ever come to market. Tariq Krim and Michael saw it at Davos today. Read More

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