• Video: Mini Humanoid Nao Recharges Himself Autonomously

    Video: Mini Humanoid Nao Recharges Himself Autonomously

    And we’re yet another step closer to the Robocalypse: mini humanoid Nao (pronounced “Now”), which was first shown back in 2005, can now walk to a charging station whenever his battery is running low to get more power – all by himself. Nao’s maker, Paris-based Aldebaran, has designed him to be a mix of autonomous and programmable robot, but so far, Nao had to… Read More

  • Videos: Group Of French Robots Visiting Japan

    A French company exporting robots (of all things) to Japan? Paris-based Aldebaran has just inked a deal with the University of Tokyo, which will use a total of 30 NAO humanoid robots to teach computer science later this year. Depending on the robot model and specs, each robot is priced at between $1,400 and $17,000. Read More

  • Video: The Nao robot tries so very hard to make your life a little easier

    Well I’ll be: a fancy robot that has nothing to do with Japan. It’s called Nao, and it was designed by a French company called Aldebaran Robotics; it was just on display in Valencia this past week. It’s one of those “helper robots” whose only goal is to help you out when you’re sick. Read More