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3DS In Red: Japan Gets SD Gundam G Generation 3DS Premium Box

Following Capcom's <a href="">“Monster Hunter 3G Special Pack”</a>, Japan is soon to get a second <a

Japan Gets Exclusive Tales of Xillia PS3 Bundle

<img src="" /> It's been a while since the <a href="

It's very easy to win a Tekken art book from us!

Remember a few days ago when I hinted at some exciting Tekken news? No? Well, today I can reveal what I was talking about: thanks to the fine folks at Namco Bandai (its publicists, to be exact) we now

Live: Namco Bandai GamesCom 2009 press conference

<img src="" />Join me for the Namco Bandai press conference at 4PM GMT+1.

Namco Bandai Gamers Day 2009

On Tuesday Namco held their annual Gamers Day where a bunch of jerkwad editors rain down on San Francisco to diddle with all of the upcoming games for 2009. A handful of games were announced and/or sh

Video: Galaga Legions This game

Video: Hands-on with Soul Caliber 4, check out Darth Vader and Yoda

[] Hey folks. I know some of you have been looking forward to SC4, so here’s a rather lengthy video for you to watch when you have some time. I tried to ge