• ‘Wii 64’ is a Nintendo 64-infused Wii

    How’s this for ingenuity? USA! USA! USA! In what can only be described as the ultimate in convergence devices, some guy on eBay is selling a Wii with a Nintendo 64 cartridge slot that actually plays real games. What’s most impressive is that the whole thing looks pretty natural, with the slight exception of the side panel jutting outwards a bit to make room for the N64 controller port. Read More

  • Darth 64: Use the force, Mario

    This homebrew N64 console – JonJandran’s Darth 64 – contains a complete N64 motherboard and controller in a case that looks pretty damn nice. He has a list of features including a headphone jack and a Gamecube style joystick and D-Pad. He reports that you can actually take this thing apart with a screwdriver, which is impressive for a piece of homebrew hardware. Read More

  • Virtual Console GoldenEye stuck in ‘no man's land,’ unlikely to be released

    What’s taking so long for GoldenEye to be released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console? Rare’s Nick Burton says the number of licensees involved will more than likely prevent the game from ever being available on Virtual Console, saying the game is in “no man’s land.” Says Burton: It’s incredibly hard to solve because there’s so many license… Read More

  • N64 controller mod, or cheap way to smoke?

    I like to keep things “real,” so let’s get it out of the way right now: this kid is probably smoking cannabis out of a Nintendo 64 controller. Don’t give me that, “it could be tobacco” nonsense, either. He doesn’t look a day over 14, and smoking tobacco out of a pipe (especially a pipe that looks like a cheap St. Marks bowl) doesn’t enter into… Read More