‘Wii 64’ is a Nintendo 64-infused Wii


How’s this for ingenuity? USA! USA! USA! In what can only be described as the ultimate in convergence devices, some guy on eBay is selling a Wii with a Nintendo 64 cartridge slot that actually plays real games. What’s most impressive is that the whole thing looks pretty natural, with the slight exception of the side panel jutting outwards a bit to make room for the N64 controller port. It’d be a nice touch if the thing actually played Wii games, too, but alas, it’s just an N64 stuffed into a Wii console’s shell.

Take note, Nintendo: when you release Wii HD or whatever it’ll be called, please include a cartridge slot with various adapters for NES, Super NES, and N64 games.

Wii 64 Nintendo Wii 64 console! Working! ONE OF A KIND! [eBay via NWFB]