Video: N64 emulator running on hacked iPad

Apparently the iPad has been hacked. Who knew? And what’s the first you do with a hacked iPad? You run emulators, of course! This here is a video showing an N64 emulator running Super Smash Bros and Super Mario 64.

It looks good, but the sound—always a tricky thing for emulators to nail—is a little off.

Then there’s the issue of, well, how are you going to control the thing? Certain games would be OK, but I can’t even imagine trying to play Super Mario 64 for any length of time.

Then again, I’m pretty sure nobody is going trying to beat long games on the thing, but rather just show off to your friends for a minute, or just to see how games run.

I can’t remember the last game I beat using an emulator. It was probably Final Fantasy VI on one of the SNES emulators for the Xbox1. The Xbox1 was a phenomenal machine for 16-bit emulation. Oh, memories.