Sailfish OS Maker, Jolla, On Questing For Scale In The Age Of Android

"It's not every day that a new mobile operating system is born," says Jolla's Marc Dillon preaching to a congregation of the curious from atop a stool at Jolla's booth at the 2014 Mobile World Congres

A Closer Look At Blackphone, The Android Smartphone That Simplifies Privacy

One of the more interesting devices here at Mobile World Congress is Blackphone: a pro-privacy handset being developed by Spanish startup Geeksphone, in partnership with U.S. security company Silent C

Samsung Is Looking For Some Good Wearable Developers

At Samsung’s MWC Developer Day today, the company introduced several software development kits with the hope of luring developers to its platforms. Among the kits were several aimed at the compa

Hands On With The Xperia Z2, Sony’s Multimedia-Loving 4K-Shooting Flagship Phone

Sony's new flagship Android, the Xperia Z2, risks being overshadowed here at MWC by Samsung's latest electronic tub-thumper, the Galaxy S5. But not on the show floor at least -- where a phalanx of Z2

Hands On With The Galaxy S5 And The New Galaxy Gear Bands

We came, we saw, we checked our heart rates. As Samsung moves into wearable territory with the new Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2 bands, including the Neo and the Fit, we found that the devices were less

HTC And Nokia Troll Samsung

As the classic saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game. But HTC and Nokia couldn’t help themselves yesterday during Samsung’s big Galaxy S5 reveal and took to Twitter for a

LinkedIn Mobile Usage Approaching A Majority — Now At 41%

Veteran professional social network LinkedIn grew up on the desktop and is in the midst of retooling its 277 million-user strong business for a mobile-focused digital world. Today it said it’s n

Samsung To Release A Galaxy S5 With An 8-Core Processor

Samsung has quietly announced that there will be two variations of the Galaxy S5. One will run the quad-core Snapdragon 801 with a 2.5GHz clock speed along with another model powered by an octo-core E

BlackBerry Introduces The Z3, Its First Foxconn Phone, And The Q20 QWERTY Handset

BlackBerry has a couple of new smartphones in the offing, including the first sourced from new strategic partner Foxconn. The first Foxconn BlackBerry is the Z3, a Nokia-like touchscreen smartphone wi

Tell Us The Damn Prices, Samsung

Samsung just unloaded its mobile product pipeline in Barcelona. All at once, the company revealed the Galaxy S5, Gear 2, Gear Nano and Gear Fit. These are legitimately exciting products. The Galaxy S5

Depending On Price, The Samsung Gear Fit Could Dominate The Wearables Market

Forget about the rest of Samsung’s MWC offerings. The Gear Fit is about the most exciting product announced in Barcelona today. It’s the first Samsung wearable that has a legitimate chance

Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo And Gear Fit

Samsung has announced three new smartwatch devices at MWC this year, including the successor to last year’s Galaxy Gear, the Gear 2, as well as a sleeker version called the Neo, and a fitness- a

Samsung’s Dust- And Water Resistant Galaxy S5 Gets Official With Heart Rate Monitor, Fingerprint Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here, and now we know everything about the 2014 flagship from the Korean smartphone maker. It’s pushing into phablet territory with a 5.1-inch, 1920×1080 display, a

Watch Samsung’s ‘Unpacked5’ Galaxy S5 Announcement Live

Samsung is introducing its Galaxy S5 smartphone today at a special event in Barcelona, but you don’t have to be there to watch the announcement. Samsung will be streaming the event live on its Y

WhatsApp Is Actually Worth More Than $19B, Says Facebook’s Zuckerberg, And It Was That Sealed The Deal

More than a few people were surprised when Facebook said it would pay $19 billion for messaging app startup WhatsApp, but today Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today said that he believed it was actually

Zuckerberg: Snowden NSA Revelations Have Brought The Tech Industry Closer

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about the extent of the U.S. government’s surveillance dragnet of Internet users has had one positive impact, according to Facebook’s M

HTC Shoots For “Good Enough” At MWC 2014, Teases Big March 25th Reveal

Blink and you would have missed HTC Mobile World Congress announcements. The struggling phone maker unveiled two perfectly acceptable, perfectly boring mid-range phones and a Folding@home-ish smartpho

HTC Wants To Harness Your Smartphone’s Idle Power To Make The World A Better Place

HTC is wacky – in a good way. The smartphone company is one of the few that still does things that surprise me, and today's MWC announcements are no exception. Sure, the Taiwanese company introduced

Privacy-Focused Blackphone From Silent Circle Goes Up For Pre-Order For $629

The Blackphone, a security focused smartphone from Silent Circle and Geeksphone, is kicking off pre-sales today after an official unveiling back in January. The Blackphone is billed as the "world's fi

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Leaks In A Big Batch Of New Photos Ahead Of Official Announcement

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will get its official debut in just a few hours at a special event in Barcelona at this year’s Mobile World Congress, but you can see what it looks like right now thanks to
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