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Pulselocker, A Streaming And Download Service For DJs, Launches To The Web

<a target="_blank" href="">Pulselocker</a>, a music subscription service and storage locker targeting electronic music fans and DJs, has launched its service to the web, followi

‘Rock Band 2’ free DLC tracks registration now open

If you’re like me, you opened Rock Band 2, rushed to the site to enter your registration code to get 20 free downloadable tracks, and were told to come back later. Well now is later. Being able to d

Music industry finds new trophy wife in

The music industry looks to be shifting its eggs, many or all, into the Timberlake basket. During the Super Bowl four years ago, Pepsi and iTunes teamed up to give away 100 million s

Apple forced to drop UK iTunes prices

[photopress:appledropsuk.jpg,full,center] The UK’s greatest music export Facing a lawsuit, Apple said today it will lower prices of UK iTunes downloads, bringing them in line with prices found o

Universal Music's classical subsidiary to go DRM-free

Deutsche Grammaphon. Ever heard of it? Doesn’t matter if you have or not. It’s owned by Universal Music and has decided to build its own classical music download site, where the MP3s are D

DRM-free music for 29 cents per track, 12 hours only

Hot damn. Grooveshark, the up-and-coming digital music service reported on CrunchGear here, TechCrunch here, and done up as a screencast here, is going to be selling DRM-free music tracks for 29 cents

Steve Jobs To Labels: Set Your Music Free

You probably can’t tell by the way Apple slaps FairPlay on millions of tracks a day, but apparantly Mr. Jobs is no fan of locked up songs. His gist: Since 90% of tunes are still sold in the esse