DRM-free music for 29 cents per track, 12 hours only


Hot damn. Grooveshark, the up-and-coming digital music service reported on CrunchGear here, TechCrunch here, and done up as a screencast here, is going to be selling DRM-free music tracks for 29 cents a pop today from 12PM to 12AM, EST. That’s insanity. Virtual insanity. Hey, I bet you could download that song for 29 cents!

You’ll need a beta invite to get an account so if you don’t know someone who’s already a member of the service, you’re out of luck. Luckily you’re not out of luck because as luck would have it, you know me and I have 500 beta invites to dole out.

E-mail doug at crunchgear dot com to get in on the action. I’ll try to get you hooked up as quickly as I can but I’m going to be pretty busy downloading my ass off so please be patient. And no, I don’t work for Grooveshark. I just happen to like it. Sorry for showing my human side. Bloggers have feelings and emotions too. Ooh, that reminds me…note to self, download "Sweet Emotion." I think I deleted it by accident.

Grooveshark Website