Microsoft’s new tools let businesses integrate Skype into their own web and mobile apps

Following yesterday’s news about bringing bots to the Skype platform, Microsoft today unveiled two more SDKs for its Skype platform that will allow businesses and application developers a way to

Microsoft gives developers new options to plug into Office 365

At the Build developer conference in San Francisco today, Microsoft announced a series of new Office 365 developer tools designed to enhance how they interact with the Office 365 platform. Microsoft

Microsoft answers AWS Lambda’s event-triggered serverless apps with Azure Functions

Microsoft announced it was previewing a new service today at its annual Build Developer conference that lets programmers create event-driven triggers without deploying any underlying infrastructure. I

Thanks to Microsoft, small teams can now get Xamarin’s IDE and core tools for free

Microsoft acquired the cross-platform iOS, Android and OS X development service Xamarin last month, and the new acquisition is already at the center of attention at Microsoft's annual Build developer