• Lawsuit against dropped by RIAA

    Remember, the easy to use, consumer-friendly music downloading site based in Russia? It got shut down last July amidst threats that Russia wouldn’t be able to join the World Trade Organization. It’s a long story; read more here and here. Well, the RIAA brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against back in December of 2006, saying that the company made… Read More

  • AllofMP3 Goes Down In Midst of Much Bigger WTO Scuffle

    It looks like the RIAA and big music labels have won a battle, if not the war, against massively popular AllOfMP3, a Russian music download site that sells MP3s for as little as two cents per megabyte. The site has been shut down, again, reportedly at the hands of the Russian government. Russia agreed to force the site to shut down last year, in response to pressure by the U.S. government and… Read More