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New sunglasses with built-in camera and MP3-player

Today accessory maker Otas unveiled its newest product, the so-called aigo Camera sunglasses MP3 F566+. The glasses come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, an MP3-player, 2 GB of internal memory, a USB port

Newman offers Cool Man MP3 player, none of your dignity back

As if wearable MP3 players we’re dorky enough, the Newman Cool Man takes the cake. You’re apparently supposed to attach this to your German army jacket next to your Obama and Black Flag pi

CrunchDeals: Freestyle Audio 512MB MP3 player

The FA MP3 player I reviewed way back in August is on sale at Dogfunk for $30. Yeah, it’s only 512MB, but $30 is relatively cheap for a waterproof MP3 player.

The Zarva Zippo: windproof mp3 player and 1GB lighter

Yes, it is in fact both a lighter and an mp3 player. With only 1GB of space, you’ll probably only have enough music on it to cover your cigarette break, but if your cigarettes are an mp3 player

Attention SLC: Paul Laurence Briggs loves him some child porn on his PMP

Paul Laurence Briggs is not a smart man or even a man for that matter. This pervert who is a documented sex offender failed to register himself as such in, what I’m assuming is a new town for hi

Zune 2.5: video store and facelift in effect

Starting right about now, the Zune client and Marketplace are being revamped with major changes as well as some streamlining. You’ve got a social music discovery network, a video store, and beli

Review: 2GB MP4 player

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1668.JPG,full,pp_image] China — country of mystery, of intrigue, of wholesale intellectual property theft. Her majestic mountains and sprawling cities inspire us. Her chea

Sing-a-Song Microphone: make your kid do the work so you can retire early

Kid toys aren’t really our beat unless it’s something spectacular like Glow Worms or My Little Pony, but the whole American Idol and even Rock Band craze isn’t going away anytime soon, so you mi

Samsung's pebblish YP-S2 MP3 player groped on video

The ladies at Shiny Shiny got there paws on Samsung’s newest 1GB MP3 players. They’re sort of meh. Shiny Shiny

SanDisk officially announces Sansa Fuze

[photopress:FuzeFamilymicroSDHC8GBcardHiRes.jpg,full,pp_image] Following yesterday’s tiny snafu on Amazon, SanDisk has made official the tiny little Fuze MP3 player. It will be available in shad

Veiro, a wind-up mp3 player – why not?

This makes a lot of sense, actually. It wouldn’t work with tape or CD players because they draw too much power and hand-winding wouldn’t last long. But the demands of a small solid-state-b

Sony's new Walkmen have Bluetooth, noise cancelling, 16GB

Sony’s got its new Walkman-branded mp3 players out there, in three major flavors. The model numbers are incomprehensible as usual, so we’ll simplify them: the 710 more compact, with a smal

MP3 player for infants: Just what growing brains need

Shake the baby — with block-rockin’ beats! The SweetPea3 is an MP3 player with 256MB of memory designed for kids 0 to 8 years old. It is a “robust” music player that is clad in

EyePlay: You put your glasses in and then take them out and it makes music!

In what may be one of the worst examples of “convergence” ever invented we present the EyePlay, a sunglasses case with built-in speakers. Let’s go over the possible usage scenarios,

Ibiza Rhapsody quick look

I have a Haier washing machine. It works really well and it used to fit exactly into a small closet in our previous apartment so we could hide it from the landlords. What I never expected to see, howe

Banana Zune coming [Updated]

Holy bonkers! The flash Zune will soon add a 16GB model that’s yellow! Yes, you read that correctly. It’s going to be 16GB of banana-colored goodness. Ok, not really, we’ll see 16GB,

CrunchDeals: Freestyle Audio 512MB MP3 Player [Update]

You remember the Freestyle Audio MP3 player, right? Yeah, of course you do. I reviewed it a few months back and now you can pick one up for only $49.99. That’s an awesome deal for a pretty sweet

Oakley updates MP3 sunglasses for some reason

I’ve never actually seen anyone wear Oakley’s MP3 sunglasses in person. I’ve seen athletes wear them and I think Dog the Bounty Hunter wore them, but he’s been taken off the small screen for h

Samsung MP3 player duo deets updated

Samsung’s YP-P2 and YP-T10 MP3 players were announced way back when, but now we have pricing and availability (sort of). The P2 features a full 3-inch widescreen touch interface, stereo Bluetooth an

Spyder Groove backpack review

Backpacks are like shoes, you can never have too many of them. At least that’s my logic. Backpacks are one of those things that I always seem to keep buying not matter how many I have. But this time
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