Mozilla Labs

  • First Look: Mobile Concepts For Mozilla's Raindrop Platform

    A couple of weeks ago, Mozilla Labs presented a prototype of Raindrop, a new experimental open-source e-mail and digital communication platform that aimed to make your inbox personal again. It’s been quiet at the Raindrop blog since the announcement, but people who are interested in the whole thing are advised to keep track of the Raindrop Design blog, where Canadian designer and… Read More

  • Mozilla Weave Now Lets You Sync Your Mobile Browser Too

    Today, Mozilla Labs released the 0.3 version of Weave, its project that syncs multiple browsers in the cloud. Weave lets users sync their bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and histories in the cloud across Firefox browsers on different computers. With today’s release, you can also sync with Fennec, Firefox’s mobile browser, which unfortunately right now only works on one kind of phone… Read More

  • Make Your Firefox Browser Look Better With Mozilla Labs' Latest Skins

    Mozilla Labs is debuting new personas today – extensions that add lightweight themed skins to your Firefox browser – enabling you to personalize your user experience according to your mood without interrupting your browsing sessions. The Personas for Firefox add-on was first introduced in late 2007, but has now expanded to include hundreds of artist-created designs in a variety… Read More

  • Mozilla Labs Plays With Circle Of Sites Design To Fill Blank New Tabs

    Mozilla Labs is experimenting with a design for a new tabs page in the Firefox browser that will show a circle of the top sites you visit that is reminiscent of the circle of friends design you see on many mobile phones. (Except, who needs friends, when you’ve got the Internet?) When you open a new tab, instead of a blank page, you would see a watermark of icons representing the eight… Read More

  • If You Want To Create a Mashup, Just Ask Your Browser. Mozilla Labs Launches Ubiquity.

    Aza Raskin at Mozilla Labs thinks there’s got to be an easier way to create Web mashups. Today, he is announcing the launch of Ubiquity, an experiment in using natural language to invoke Web services. Ubiquity is an extension to the Firefox browser that lets you type in what you want to do—insert a map, translate this page, Twitter this block of text, search on… Read More