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No matter how you slice it, Apple and WebRTC need each other

The open source VoIP engine and standards initiative, known as WebRTC, is finally starting to get some traction. Earlier this month, Slack followed Facebook Messenger’s lead and launched its voice c

Mozilla’s Firefox Phones Get Operator Billing Through Bango

Mozilla has signed mobile payments company Bango to allow operator billing on the Firefox OS marketplace. That means that users on the soon-to-be-released Firefox phones will be able to pay for their

Firefox 19 Launches With Built-In HTML5-Based PDF Viewer, Android Version Gets Themes And Now Works On More Devices

It's been a long time coming, but Firefox now finally features a <a target="_blank" href="">built-in PDF viewer</a>. Previously available in the Firefox

Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available For Firefox, Too

This morning, <a href="">Amazon</a> <a href="">announced</a> tha

Microsoft Office Live Workspace Demo Video Shines A Light On … Firefox

<img src="" /> It's a pretty old video, and it has garnered some 230,000 views since its publication in November 2009, but we hadn

How Random Is Microsoft's Random Browser Choice Screen In Europe?

<img src="" /> After a lengthy legal face-off, Microsoft and European antitrust officials recently <a href="