Mozilla rolls out new features for Firefox Focus on Android and Firefox on iOS

Mozilla is rolling out new features for Firefox Focus on Android and Firefox on iOS, the company announced on Tuesday. On Android, Mozilla is adding an HTTPS-only mode to Firefox Focus, its privacy-centric mobile browser. For every website you visit, the app will now automatically establish a secure and encrypted connection over HTTPS.

“As our simple, privacy by default companion app, we wondered what more we can do in making Firefox Focus more secure for our users and thought of our HTTPS-only mode,” Mozilla said in a blog post about the announcement. “It felt like a natural fit for Firefox Focus. Firefox Focus for Android now automatically opts into HTTPS for the best available security and privacy — supporting life’s get in and out of moments where you may want to do quick searches with no distractions or worries.”

Today’s launch follows Mozilla’s recent introduction of its Total Cookie Protection offering, which is used to combat cross-site tracking, to Firefox Focus on Android. The goal of Total Cookie Protection is to help mitigate the cross-site tracking where companies collect information about you, such as the sites you visit every day or the products you are searching for.

On iOS, Mozilla is adding a new adjustable search bar that can be placed at the bottom or top of your screen on the Firefox app. The company says this slight change will help users quickly access the places they want to visit online. The new option is similar to the adjustable search bar that Apple’s Safari browser now offers.

As part of today’s announcements, Mozilla said it’s also rolling out mobile wallpapers inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” movie to all users in the United States. You can find the wallpapers by opening the Firefox Mobile app and double-clicking the Firefox logo on the homepage or by going into your “Customization Settings.” Mozilla says there are a variety of wallpapers to choose from and that it will have new wallpaper options to share globally in the coming months.