movie rentals

  • VUDU continues to infiltrate Best Buy

    I’ve been using Vudu for a few months now and it’s a pretty snazzy service. The remote is surprisingly ergonomic and the Vudu UI is put together quite well. You can read Doug’s review over yonder if you like. Today, Vudu announced that they’ve continued their expansion in Best Buy stores throughout California, Arizona and Illinois. A full listing of stores along… Read More

  • Would you use an ATM for movies?

    I’m not quite sold on this idea but I thought I’d see what everyone else thinks. There’s a company in Ireland called PortoMedia that’s developed movie kiosks. These kiosks will be found in four unknown US test cities in the near future (please let me know if you see one) and they’ll hold approximately 350 to 5,000 movies, each of which can be downloaded to a… Read More

  • 'Take Two' Apple TV update unhooked from its leash

    It’s here! Hot damn, it’s here! I don’t own an Apple TV but I saw one in an Apple store once. It looked so awesome. Anyway, the new update is here. Check for the Software Update option under the Settings menu. Once everything churns and wiggles, you’ll be able to rent iTunes movies and access Flickr and .Mac photostreams. Enjoy! Apple TV ‘Take Two’ update… Read More

  • Netflix goes Blu-ray, tells HD DVD 'it's not you, it's me'

    This just in: HD DVD is in trouble, much to the chagrin of our own intrepid HD DVD-lover Devin Coldewey. According to a Reuters report, Netflix said that it’ll be offering Blu-ray DVDs exclusively. It’s been divvying up both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs but will stop purchasing HD DVD movies today and phase out its inventory by the end of the year. Netflix says chooses Blu-ray format… Read More

  • Fifth-gen iPods no workie with iTunes movie rentals?

    I’ll be honest, Apple is starting to weird me out a little bit. I picture Steve Jobs like the paranoid Mr. Burns in that Simpsons episode where he owns the casino and he stops shaving and starts wearing Kleenex boxes on his feet because he hates germs. It’s just that some of the recent decisions behind certain products and services don’t make much sense, like charging iPod… Read More

  • Denver Airport wireless adds local movie downloads

    Already pretty high up on a short list of airports offering free wireless internet access, Denver International has just upped the ante a bit. The same network provider, FreeFi, is now offering movie rentals over the local network. So simple, yet so brilliant. Read More

  • Showing cat-like agility and psychic foresight, Netflix reacts to the announcement Apple hasn't yet made

    Netflix might be hedging its bets on an impending movie rental announcement by Apple. Starting today, subscribers to all but the cheapest ($4.99 per month for two DVDs) Netflix plans will receive unlimited streaming of more than 6,000 available movies. Read More

  • Amazon Unbox Users Just Got Lazier

    TiVo users now have the power to download movies from Amazon via their TV rather than placing orders from a PC. The “Buy on TV’ feature does exactly what it claims to do. TiVo subscribers can rent or purchase movies from the comfort of their couch by using the TiVo remote control. As long as you have a Series2 or Series3 TiVo that has a broadband connection then you’ll never… Read More