Denver Airport wireless adds local movie downloads

Already pretty high up on a short list of airports offering free wireless internet access, Denver International has just upped the ante a bit. The same network provider, FreeFi, is now offering movie rentals over the local network. So simple, yet so brilliant.

FreeFi claims that under optimal conditions, a two-hour movie (a gigabyte or more) can download in about eight minutes. Rentals cost $5 to $8 and last 48 hours, instead of the more-common 24 hours. The clock starts ticking once the file’s downloaded, though. You don’t have a 30-day window to begin playback, unfortunately.

Still, think about the kind of crap you buy right before you get on an airplane. For the cost of one technology magazine, you could download an entire movie instead. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, prepare to be rented.

Digital Movie Downloads in Denver Airport [Wi-Fi Networking News]