• Rearview mirror iPhone mount – legal?

    I could have sworn that it’s illegal to have stuff hanging from your rearview mirror in some states. Fuzzy dice, Hawaiian leis, air fresheners – all hilarious and/or kitschy, for sure. But your iPhone? Seems a bit much, although it’d be nicely positioned to use GPS features. Read More

  • DIY Car Mount: Two dollars, ten minutes

    Most in-vehicle device mounts are expensive given their purpose. Please hold my phone in one place, here’s $30. Bah! Using few pieces of pipe, some craft foam, and a bit of plastic-coated wire, you can create your own vehicle mount quickly and cheaply. Read More

  • Finally, a way to simultaneously mount all your favorite gadgets in the car

    Perhaps your daily commute is so boring that you need three gadgets to keep you entertained on your way to work. Funny, though, that not even the manufacturer of this triple gadget mount could find a third gadget to include in the photo. I might suggest a digital camera in the third slot so you can take photos of yourself while you’re weaving in and out of traffic. Read More

  • DIY: Big sponge turned camcorder dashboard mount

    Here’s a good how-to involving a car washing sponge firmly yet gently caressing a camcorder for some all-American in-vehicle video footage. The whole thing can probably be put together for under $10 and it doesn’t look like it’d take too much time, either. Read More

  • Windshield-mounted GPS units no longer outlawed in California

    [Pic Source: Marcin Wichary] Realizing that a little 6 inch obstruction on the windshield is probably a better solution than forcing people to take their eyes off the road, the State of California will once again allow windshield-mounted GPS units when the new year rolls through. Taking a break from solving economic crises and fighting crime, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger put his penned blessing… Read More

  • Build your own in-car camera mount for about $15

    If there’s one thing about camera mounts, it’s that standard run-of-the-mill tripods can be found for pretty cheap but once you take a step into the elaborate realm of steadicams or any other professional mounts that do more than just set the camera at a certain level, prices can get quite high. Cristophe Caron details how he built an in-car camcorder mount with about $15 worth… Read More