Rearview mirror iPhone mount – legal?

<img src="">I could have sworn that it’s illegal to have stuff hanging from your rearview mirror in some state

DIY Car Mount: Two dollars, ten minutes

<img src="">Most in-vehicle device mounts are expensive given their purpose. Please hold my phone in one place, here’s $30. Bah! Usi

Finally, a way to simultaneously mount all your favorite gadgets in the car

<img src="" alt="triple" />Perhaps your daily commute is so boring that you need thr

DIY: Big sponge turned camcorder dashboard mount

<img src="">Here’s a good how-to involving a car washing sponge firmly yet gently caressing a camcorder for some all-Ame

Windshield-mounted GPS units no longer outlawed in California

[Pic Source: Marcin Wichary] Realizing that a little 6 inch obstruction on the windshield is probably a better solution than forcing people to take their eyes off the road, the State of California wil

Build your own in-car camera mount for about $15

[youtube] If there’s one thing about camera mounts, it’s that standard run-of-the-mill tripods can be