DIY: Big sponge turned camcorder dashboard mount


Here’s a good how-to involving a car washing sponge firmly yet gently caressing a camcorder for some all-American in-vehicle video footage. The whole thing can probably be put together for under $10 and it doesn’t look like it’d take too much time, either.

You’ll need:

  • A big sponge, the type used for washing cars
  • An exacto knife
  • Some of that dashboard no-slip grippy stuff
  • A small tube filled with pennies – perhaps an old prescription bottle

You simply use the exacto knife to carve out a nest in the sponge for your camera, cut another hole for the tube of pennies (used for weight), and attach some of the grippy stuff to the bottom of the sponge using your favorite adhesive.


The result is a super cheap camera mount that can be positioned to your liking atop your car’s dashboard. It should work just fine for your average daily commute, although high-speed chases and offroading might call for something a bit more sturdy.

Car Dash Camera Mount [Instructables]