Finally, a way to simultaneously mount all your favorite gadgets in the car


Perhaps your daily commute is so boring that you need three gadgets to keep you entertained on your way to work. Funny, though, that not even the manufacturer of this triple gadget mount could find a third gadget to include in the photo. I might suggest a digital camera in the third slot so you can take photos of yourself while you’re weaving in and out of traffic.

The “Super Universal Car Mount” features “flexible goose-pipe” which allows you to position your devices in landscape or portrait mode. Maybe add a GPS system to the third slot there. Then you’ve got all your bases covered: in-car movie watching, phone calls, and turn-by-turn directions. And don’t forget blocking your field of vision with what looks like a giant candleabra hanging from your windshield.

Available at for thirty bucks, plus the cost of the ticket(s) you get for any laws you might be breaking while driving.

Super Universal Car Mount [USBfever via GearDiary]