• Mossberg explains the difference between Intel and AMD, sort of

    In another installment of “Mossberg’s Mailbox” the tech pundit answers a few questions sent in by readers hoping to glean some knowledge. Not everyone is as savvy as us and knows the difference between AMD and Intel, so Walt does his best to dumb it down. Did he do a good job? How would you explain it? Q: If I buy a PC with an AMD processor instead of an Intel one, will I… Read More

  • Mossberg reviews Aircell's in-flight Wi-Fi service, GoGo We’ve been a huge proponent of Aircell’s GoGo service for months now and we’re tickled pink to learn that GoGo will finally be launching sometime next month with American Air. I’m extremely jealous that Walt got to test out the service before all of us, but that’s just the way these things work… Read More

  • Bezos: Kindle, she is my passion

    Dan Farber wrote up a nice piece on the Mossberg/Bezos talk-off at All Things D. He basically tells the tale of how they “out-booked the book” by adding new features to a 500 year old technology. He admitted that the Kindle amounts for 6% of sales of 125,000 titles that are available online and in print on Amazon. Nothing earth-shattering: just two gods sitting down and talking… Read More

  • Mr. Walter Mossberg's spring guide to buying a laptop Looking for a laptop? Not sure what to buy? Do you fall within the “mainstream, nontechnical consumers” category? Got seven minutes? Watch! For those of you who meet none of the above criteria, here’s the short version; There are many laptops; some small, some large. Dell is cheap, Apple isn’t. Get… Read More

  • Uncle Walt retracts statement over 3G iPhone

    All that bullhonky over the weekend about a 3G iPhone being released in 60 days was pure speculation says Mossberg. “If I knew when this date was, why would I announce it in the middle of a sentence at the Finnish embassy, rather than report it in the Wall Street Journal?” Read More

  • Lenovo drops ThinkPad X300 to answer MacBook Air

    If for some strange reason it wasn’t before, thin is officially in as far as notebooks are concerned. At least that’s what seems to be the case with Lenovo as it answers the MacBook Air with the ThinkPad X300. It’s thin, yes, but not quite as thin as the Air (the Air fits in an envelope, the X300 merely fits on top of a newspaper or whatever that is on the left there… Read More

  • Walt Mossberg on how to buy a Mac

    We love uncle Walt, but it’s no secret that he tends to look at PCs with a Windows viewpoint. In fact, he says himself that he tends to ingore the Mac OS in his WSJ articles. But today he’s published his “Mac FAQ”, which is a very basic buying guide for those thinking of making the switch, which, of course, you should. It’s not the most thorough FAQ, but… Read More

  • Unky Walt on cellphone locking: Amen, brother Oh, Walt Mossberg, thank you for taking up the cause. While I’m absolutely positive that his words will fall on deaf ears. The subsidy model that most carriers use to offer FREE RAZR PHONES After rebate and 2-year-contract and 2 pints of blood is archaic but beloved by Joe and Sally Consumer. Expensive phones are oddly… Read More

  • Mossberg: New Undocumented iPhone Features

    Since the iPhone’s recent software update, several new undocumented features have been uncovered. Walt Mossboerg has an article highlighting some of them. The favorites list in the “Phone” module now accepts 50 entries instead of 20, there’s a new e-mail setting that allows you to BCC yourself on every message you send, and apparently the iPhone now works better with… Read More

  • Guess Who Picked Up An iPhone Today?!

    No, it wasn’t CrunchGear, but Walt Mossberg did and he isn’t afraid to show it off. Of all places, he decided to show off the wonder phone at The Chronicle’s Presidents Forum. Yeah, I don’t know what that is either. According to Mr. Mossberg, cell phones are one of the three technologies to be watching at the moment and the iPhone is at the forefront of the revolution… Read More

  • Even Mossberg Can't Figure Out His PC

    This is a problem near and dear to my heart. I rarely test PCs and laptops anymore simply because it takes too long. Back when I worked at Laptop Magazine, the #3 best-selling tech magazine in the Honolulu airport, I had the pleasure of unboxing, starting up, and testing hundreds of models and every time I tried to run my tests I had to uninstall reams and reams of veritable crap. It was one… Read More