• Thync Has Raised $13M To Change Your Mood With Ultrasound Waves (And Electricity)

    Thync Has Raised $13M To Change Your Mood With Ultrasound Waves (And Electricity)

    Thync is a startup looking to give consumers another avenue to change their mental state, one which doesn’t involve significantly altering your daily habits or metabolizing substances which may or may not have negative side effects. Read More

  • Apple Patent Explores Mood-Based Ad Targeting

    Apple Patent Explores Mood-Based Ad Targeting

    Apple is working on a means by which a targeted ad delivery system could clue in to a viewer’s mood, and serve them ads appropriate to that mood according to a new patent (via AppleInsider). So if, for example, it finds you’re Twitter stalking your ex and looking at pictures they’re posting wherein they’re having fun and smiling with their new beau, you might get an ad… Read More

  • 2011 Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA Mood Watches

    One of Romain Jerome’s new products for 2011 was a chronograph version of their Moon Dust DNA Black Moon and Steel Mood watches. These are probably some of the coolest Moon Dust DNA watches given the slick, eye-catching design. Of course, the concept inherently is meant to be provocative and not for everyone. So check out some of the interesting design features of this new chrono. Read More

  • Matchlight mood lighting: The darker the room, the more trendy it is

    Matchlight, another concept that’ll never see the light of day. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t, of course, but its lack of built-in Bluetooth or space for Google Ads means it’ll live on only as a render. The design incorporates 16 individual matches, each contributing a thin slice of light to an area’s mood. The less matches there are, the less light there is… Read More