Coursera set to roughly double its private valuation in impending IPO

At its most generous share count and highest projected price, Coursera's valuation could reach $5.56 billion.

Education technology meets its limits

Developing skills-based online courses and credentials is the easy part. The hard part is getting employers to pay attention.

Crunch Report | Jay Z Has Arrived

More news about Jay Z's new venture (Arrive), robots that fix their mistakes and Y Combinator launches its MOOC. All this on Crunch Report.

With a new CEO, Y Combinator will wind down fellowships and start a MOOC

Y Combinator, which has been expanding rapidly in recent years, is making broad, organizational changes– for the second time this year. Most dramatically, Y Combinator will be winding down its Y

OpenClassrooms Premium Is Now Free For Unemployed People In France

<a target="_blank" href="">OpenClassrooms</a> is one of the leading MOOC platform in France, and it signed an interesting deal with the French Government. Starting today, if

OpenClassrooms Launches First MOOC-Based Bachelor Degree Recognized By French State

You won't have any excuse to skip class anymore. French startup <a target="_blank" href="">OpenClassrooms</a> is launching the first State-recognized bachelor degree in France

ChineseCubes Are Cubes That Teach You Chinese

Everyone and their dog has a language training app but does everyone and their dog have an augmented reality solution that aims to teach you Chinese using clever little blocks and a webcam? No, they d

UK Universities Forge Open Online Courses Alliance: FutureLearn Consortium Will Offer Uni-Branded MOOCs Starting Next Year

Twelve UK universities are pooling their resources to get into the brave new world of MOOCs. What are MOOCs? The short answer is 'massive open online courses' -- typically free, online and open to any