• Mogulus Rebrands With A Killer Domain:

    When Mogulus launched in 2007, few people understood its name. Most people still don’t because, quite frankly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Or I should say, didn’t make a lot of sense — because beginning today, the service has been completely rebranded as something much more obvious: Livestream. Mogulus is making the change because it feels like the entire field… Read More

  • Live Stream That Intense World Of Warcraft Session With Mogulus Procaster

    Live streaming is hardly new on the web. And a lot of startups are focused on it. One of them, Mogulus, now hopes to simplify the process, while upping the quality and adding new options. Mogulus’ is launching a new desktop application tonight called Procaster. On the front end, it’s a simple app that offer one-button streaming of video out to the web. But behind its simple… Read More

  • Google Relies On Akamai To Stream YouTube Live; 700,000 Concurrent Viewers

    Speculation was rampant the last few weeks that Google had to rely on a third party content delivery network to make the YouTube Live live concert stream properly at scale. Despite the fact that Google has it’s own quite impressive CDN, streaming live video (as opposed to progressive downloads, which YouTube has historically relied on) is hard stuff. And expensive – you have to… Read More

  • Just Got a Redesign, But Is Still Beating Its Pants Off

    Who is winning the race to become the top site for live Web video? A quick check on Google Trends for Websites and comScore suggests that over the past four months is pulling ahead of the pack. According to Google Trends, is attracting more than 300,000 unique visitors a day, compared to only about 60,000 for both and Comscore measures visitors on… Read More

  • Tools For Your Video Career

    Very few would argue with the statement that video is hot right now. From the cultural phenomenon of YouTube, through to the rise of live streaming services, money is pouring into startups from content creators through to service providers. Getting into video isn’t as easy as setting up a blog, so here’s some advice of which direction to head in. The basics Obviously you’ll… Read More

  • Ustream.TV Takes $11.1 Million Series A

    Ustream.TV has taken $11.1 million Series A in a round that included Doll Capital Management and existing investor The Band of Angels. Ustream.TV was in the first wave of live broadcast sites that launched in 2007 along with Justin.TV, BlogTV and Mogulus. Ustream.TV took $2 million in angel funding in December and appointed General Wesley Clark to the board. Rumors surface in January that… Read More

  • Justin.TV Teams With Qik For Live Mobile Streaming

    Justin.TV will today start offering live mobile streaming to its users via a tie-up with Qik. With the new service, Justin.TV users will have a option to stream from a mobile phone directly from their control panel without the need to have a Qik account. The integration is seamless, and the only difference in the video feed will be a Qik logo somewhere on the screen. Qik has grown rapidly… Read More

  • Confirmed: Live Video On YouTube This Year
    First rumored in January, YouTube is definitely doing live video, and it’s happening this year. Sarah Meyers got the scoop (video above), transcript as follows care of NewTeeVee: Meyers: “When are you guys gonna do live video on YouTube?” Chen: “2008. We’ll do it this year. “Live video is just something… Read More

  • Yahoo Live Done Right from MySpace founder Brad Greenspan’s company LiveUniverse is yet another live streaming service, but it combines the best of existing services with Yahoo Live style functionality for a package worth looking at. offers the following features: show archiving, so users can record shows to be played back later embedding of live streams chat associated with… Read More

  • Microsoft To Acquire For $50 Million? is said to be in advanced talks with Microsoft to be acquired for $50 million, according to a report from Valleywag. Given it’s very early morning as the post goes live we are unable to put calls in to confirm the deal, but might have more later. is one of the first wave of live streaming service providers that includes companies such as, Blogtv and Mogulus. Read More

  • BlogTV Goes Mobile

    Live streaming video service BlogTV is now offering its live shows on mobile phones. The new mobile site from BlogTV offers live streaming to most mobile phones without the need for a plugin (I’m presuming it’s flash based, because it doesn’t work on my iPhone.) BlogTV claims that their mobile streaming services is the first of its type available for mobile phones. Read More

  • BlogTV Signs Strategic Deal With ICQ

    Live video streaming service BlogTV has signed a deal with the AOL owned ICQ that will see BlogTV promoted to ICQ users. The initial stage of the deal will see BlogTV promoted to ICQ users through the ICQ website, and in return ICQ will become the preferred instant messaging platform on BlogTV. The second stage will see ICQ users being able to use their ICQ login details to access and use… Read More

  • PopSnap: Sarah Meyers' Live Online TV Show

    I first met Sarah Meyers when she crashed our 2006 party at August Capital. She was booted, but got enough video footage to make this video. This year she was back at the party, but as an invitee – see one of her videos here. Meyers now lives in New York, and has been working on a new live daily tech show. It hasn’t officially launched, but her first shows started streaming… Read More

  • Justin.TV Teams Up With On2 And Opens Network

    We’ve been following the evolving live streaming space for some time now. The success of recorded social video on the net (read YouTube acquisition) spurred on many more video startups, including a host of video sites hoping to find an equally large demand for live content. There are a bunch of them out there, including, Stickam,, Operator11, Mogulus, Veodia… Read More

  • Who Will Be The YouTube Of Live Video?

    The growth of Youtube and its subsequent $1.65 billion buyout left behind a bevy of competing video sites. Since then competitors have been seeking to differentiate themselves by focusing on longer videos, higher (bitrate) quality videos, professional content, and paying their users. However, one of the more unique approaches to differentiation has been streaming live video over the internet. Read More