• Mogo Talk XD Adds a Bluetooth Headset To Your iPhone 4

    Mogo, not content with resting on their laurels, is now taking pre-orders for the Mogo Talk XD for the iPhone 4. It is an iPhone case and battery with built-in removable headset. The device will cost $99 and ships September 1. Read More

  • MoGo Talk integrated folding Bluetooth headset line expands to BlackBerry models, we're giving 50 away

    If you watched in agony as the very-cool MoGo Talk Bluetooth iPhone headset was announced and given away here on CrunchGear while your BlackBerry sat idly on your desk, take heart. The BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Javelin versions are coming and we’re giving 50 of the Curve models away. Read More

  • Exclusive: MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset for iPhone folds down to 5mm thin — we're giving 50 away, plus a 30% discount

    Ah, the Bluetooth headset. Often times, it’s the bane of any cell phone owner’s hands-free existence. You’re too cautious to stick it in your pocket because it’ll get caught up in your keys and covered in lint, so you forget to bring it with you. Or if you have it with you, it’s never charged because you always leave the proprietary cable at home. Newton… Read More

  • MoGo launches Cell Ranger: Portable cellular repeater

    The first news is trickling out of CTIA and we’re actually quite impressed with this little bugger. It’s called the Cell Ranger and it’s a USB-powered cellular repeater that improves cell reception almost anywhere. The Cell Ranger line includes two products: the Cell Ranger STIX is powered by a standard automotive 12 volt power supply; the Cell Ranger PORT is powered by a… Read More

  • Newton Peripherals MoGo Headset

    The MoGo Headset got a little buzz last month and now it looks like it’s reaching that important shipping stage. This headset is a mere 5 millimeters (440 kilometers or .333 yards) thick and there are plans — plans, mind you — to embed them into handsets themselves where they nestle, quietly, recharging. Best of all? The press CD came with this sassy photo of the Lady of MoGo… Read More