MoGo launches Cell Ranger: Portable cellular repeater

The first news is trickling out of CTIA and we’re actually quite impressed with this little bugger. It’s called the Cell Ranger and it’s a USB-powered cellular repeater that improves cell reception almost anywhere.

The Cell Ranger line includes two products: the Cell Ranger STIX is powered by a standard automotive 12 volt power supply; the Cell Ranger PORT is powered by a computer’s USB port and does not require software or drivers. Neither product requires physical connection or “pairing” with the phone. Users simply plug the Cell Ranger unit into the power source and properly place the magnetic antenna. Cell Ranger then automatically detects the closest handset. Cell Ranger can also be used by multiple handsets simultaneously for added convenience.

These little buggers should sell for about $149. We’ve done quite a few posts on cellular repeaters and I’ve found that they markedly improve most “dead zone” situations and even speed up EDGE in some cases.