Exclusive: MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset for iPhone folds down to 5mm thin — we're giving 50 away, plus a 30% discount

Ah, the Bluetooth headset. Often times, it’s the bane of any cell phone owner’s hands-free existence. You’re too cautious to stick it in your pocket because it’ll get caught up in your keys and covered in lint, so you forget to bring it with you. Or if you have it with you, it’s never charged because you always leave the proprietary cable at home.

Newton Peripherals, makers of the popular MoGo Mouse, have come up with a technologically-impressive and, perhaps more importantly, dead simple answer to the above problems. It’s a flat-folding Bluetooth headset that’s just five millimeters thick and rests in a tiny charging slot on the back of a super slim iPhone case. So your headset’s with you at all times and its charger is integrated right into your phone’s case, enabling you to split off your phone’s charging cord to power the micro-USB port that charges the headset.

Here’s the skinny on the MoGo Talk iPhone headset case:

MoGo Talk for iPhone is the first Bluetooth headset that can charge with your mobile phone and is capable of delivering superior audio quality in an ultra-thin (5mm) design. Mogo Talk’s folding earpiece lays completely flat, enabling it to store and charge on the back of a mobile phone or inside a laptop. The MoGo Talk earpiece is specifically designed to comfortably fit inside your ear, not around a clunky speaker like other Bluetooth headsets.

Talk time is good for up to four hours and standby time is good for up to a week.


The case is about to hit the market in small batches at $99 $129 sometime in July with widespread rollouts to carrier stores (AT&T) and Apple stores later in the year. But — BUT! — exclusive for CrunchGear readers, Newton Peripherals will be giving out 50 free MoGo Talk iPhone cases.

Just hit this link, enter your name and e-mail address, and 50 winners will be selected at random on Friday, July 10th at 4:00 Eastern.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re interested in any other MoGo products, Newton Peripherals is also giving CrunchGear readers a 30% discount on any item in its online store priced at $24.99 or higher.

Just use promo code crunchgear at checkout. You can also pre-order a MoGo Talk iPhone case if you don’t want to take your chances with the random giveaway.

Check out the above video for more details about the MoGo Talk iPhone case, then hit up the following links:

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And stay tuned; this 5mm Bluetooth headset isn’t going to stop just with the iPhone. I’ve seen several additional implementations of it firsthand — there’s some other really cool stuff coming out shortly. I’ll keep you posted.